What favourite children's books do you remember?

Unesco has entered this French character into the history books… not sure if they have already got my favourite… Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter… (I know they’ve got the Lake District)…

The Magic Faraway Tree - Enid Blyton

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C S Lewis

And when I was a teenager, Dune - Frank Herbert.


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Swallows and Amazon’s and the rest of the Arthur Ransome stories

Pooky the magic rabbit, Mr. Meddle’s Mischief, Black Beauty, Beatrix Potter, Mallory Towers and a book I used to take out of the library about a girl learning embroidery, I can’t remember it’s name now.
I used to love the Coral Island as well.

Jennings, the schoolboy. All of them. On occasions when I need a break from other books, I go back to these. Very very funny.

The Jennings books


Swallows and Amaons & Coot Club,

The Lost World - A C Doyle.

As a child I really didn’t read - my parent finally got me to start reading with Asterisk!


Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

And following my impatience of a week being far too long to wait for the next episode to be on TV - The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall

The Jennings books, but I read an awful lot of books about the second world war too.

All the Biggles books by Capt W E Johns
Great Northern, also by Arthur Ransome
The Just William books, Richmal Crompton
The Dog Crusoe by RM Ballantine (he also wrote Coral Island, the Gorilla Hunters and more)

Little women by Louisa may Alcott beautiful story i have kept the book all these years

The jungle book, just so stories, then Kim, all the different coloured Fairy books (Andrew Lang), the Eagle of the Ninth, the Silver Branch, the weirdstone of Brisingamen, the Moon of Gomrath etc Five children and It, the Borrowers, etc etc, the 6 Narnia books, Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke, the Hobbit & LOTR, lots of science fiction, 20 mille lieues sous la mer, la gloire de mon pere & le chateau de ma mere, contes bleus du chat perché, the secret garden, a little princess, little women, anything by Josephine Tey, Black Beauty, mary Stewart’s little broomstick, and then lots of Jean Plaidy, Georgette Heyer, (perfect flu reading) but really by about 10 or 11 just any book at all. I was lucky, I had completely different libraries to raid depending on whether I was in GB or France.
But really I read anything and everything.

What a glorious selection of books we have worked our way through…

Very memorable for me were my Dad’s (10 volumes) … Children’s Encyclopedias by Arthur Mee. So fascinating that one longed to be able to read the words…and so worked all the harder to become proficient.

Then, of course, my Book of Flower Fairies which I was given for my 7th birthday and which I still have…I can still visualise the party where Cousin Peter handed me that book. The very first book that was all mine, not handed-down or borrowed. Very special. :hugs:

Anything and everything just about summed me up too as I read whatever was around including my sisters’ books. The Arthur Ransome books were always my favourite but I also enjoyed Ian Flemming’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I’ve still got my three volume collection of that story and two of the books are first editions. If I lived in the UK I would probably spend some of my free time hunting through charity shops for a full set of the Swallows and Amazons books.

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