What happened to the Caption Competition

Could be a referrals faciltity to a Broker, A forum/group of in the know economists

Hi James!

Thanks but that's not quite the same as winning, James .....smiley

I'll send you some freebies when we get them printed Ron :)

Sooo busy at the moment so will get back on to this after the 5th.

Is there a prize for the 'slogan' competition? or is it 'for Amusement' only?

It's like SFN got the Brains, yeah?

or is it Brians?

should we stop do-ing these?

When is the prize draw? ![](upload://iZcUKJyovYSPQLuUm1oZOWFwbNl.png)

My wife has pointed out that on the top Mug Here ^ I have spelled the word Bisou wrongly, poorly, badly, inaccurately.

I say well spotted. Here's a challenge for EVERYONE. Why is Bisou not spelled Bisous?

1 It's a genuine typo?

2 I can't spell?

3 There was an 'S' there but it came off in the dishwasher?

4 IT is a deliberate ploy to entice more visits, as I want to win a freakin' Mug, here, already?

5 It doesn't matter anyhoo as unlike an oil painting it's amendable as the drawing in Inkscape?

6 I don't care?

7 I wouldn't know because I don't do it because of the germs?

8 Mind your own business Michelle, and get on with the washing up?

9 well spotted my Darling, I shall correct it, I wouldn't want to appear foolish in front of my friends?

10 Sod off?

Please submit your answers in the panel here! In order to VOTE you must LIKE the POST Thanks for joining in

and have fun!

will you please get off that machine, and stop it! right now it's Christmas

lol, Fresh start 2012 Neil good luck, and have a good 'n.

New ideas in the new year but I have to survive the family Christmas first!

Is the slogan competition still running? I haven't finsished!