What happens after a declaration of auto entrepreneur?

I have helped my mother make her declaration online for being an auto entrepreneur to cover her hobby / craft sales. and a potential gite that she will run later when the work has been done.

As expected she is now inundated with paperwork and letters for various services. Most of these I can dismiss out of hand as a try on but are there any that have to be listened too? The official http://www.lautoentrepreneur.fr site doesn't seem to list what happens next apart from the obvious you will receive email confirmation and the certificate from Insee

I have one here saying she has to chose a retirement regime, not sure about this one as she is already officially retired and has declared her auto entrepreneur status as not her main activity, her main activity is being retired ( oh I wish I could declare that myself some days!)

Any thoughts? anything else that might come along? The two red inked, you must inscribe with this registration type letter have already been junked as I have read them and they are a clear try on. I can cope with the french by the way which is why it's me doing the asking not mum. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

I had a look at that site yesterday but none of the you tube videos were working. I agree it's generally a helpful site. She's only signed up for social contributions as her turn over will be small so we don't want her taxed at source so to speak.

Can I take it once she's chosen her caisse that's the lot just pay her % each trimester , nothing else we have to do?

Claire you can get all the help you need in this regard from http://www.startbusinessinfrance.com/ the lady who runs this site is called Valerie, she is a wealth of information. However I would add just to answer the question, your mother now that she is registered can make her declarations on line once every three months. She puts in the figures for her sales and the system will calculate how much she must pay in charges for the quarter. She has the option to have a portion of tax deducted at the same time or not, as she chooses. The thing to say here is if here T/O is tiny she may not wish to do that as tax paid as once paid under the AE it can't be refunded even if she falls under what would have been a threshold whereby she did not earn enough to pay tax. My best advise is look up on the forum with Valerie, she is wonderfully au fait with it all! Good luck to you and your maman :)


Your mum does have to choose a regime to affiliate to, in case she has any future employees. You choose one of those on offer, sign up - it is obligatory and then they write to you every now and again, mainly asking if you have any employees. No idea how to chose though.

Will do, but I think I have it sorted for the moment.

Buried within the blitzkrieg of paper she has, one does say that the choice of a regime for her future salaried workers is obligatory within 3 months . This is echoed by the linked page I put up earlier. I was hesitant because of two reasons. Nothing about choosing a regime was mentioned by the official autoentrepreneur site and the other reason is that this letter looks as if it's been photocopied a million times so didn't have such an official wiff if you follow. Will attach now. there are many pages all together but these two were the main query. Thanks

Is there any chance you can scan the letter so we can have a look at it Claire?

i have found an interesting response in French to the question of weather or not she has to affiliate to a regime de retraite so I thought I would post the link in case it interests anyone else.