What Has Been Your Most Successful Crop this Autumn?

We have had a wonderful crop of all varieties of tomatoes, especially the small orange vine tomatoes.
We have also had our first real crop of Kent Cobs .
The Bramley Apples have given us a bumper harvest.
The William pears have fruited well and the Comice are now coming in.
What do you have in your garden that has done really well and that might be a bit unusual?

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Morning All

Green peppers. We are growing them outside, next to the tomatoes and we are getting bags full for the freezer.

As they are always expensive in the shops, this has got to be our top crop.


We have them too and aubergines.
Last night we had home grown melon with ham.

I just didnt’ water enough this year so other than tomatoes nothing looking too good. The cuc’s were doing very well but then got powdery mildew so have stopped. Raspberries pretty good and I think our apple tree doing better than normal but they are small and have quite a few insect spots.

We are inundated with wasps going after the grapevine on the west side of the house and the fallen apples.

So many Scotch Bonnets and Jalapenos literally don’t know what to do with them. Baby corn for stir frys successful but at only two to a stalk it’s not quite worth the effort. Very pleased with the Okra -will be doing that again next year. ( having lurked in the shadows for ages this is my first post so apologies if I haven’t done it correctly!)


Welcome, especially if you bring okra with you! Let alone the jalapeños…I am drooling at the thought.

We’ve had a red fruit and stone fruit year, so cave filled with all sorts in alcohol as ran out of room in freezer. Now we are waiting for our medlar crop which looks as if it will be very good this year.


It’s spot on! Some have been here ages and still can’t manage it right :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:
Keep contributing…

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Tomatoes, chillies and enormous cucumbers. Last year the peppers were still producing into November.

I have more weeds than you can shake a stick at :wink:
Maybe next year :pray:


You seem to be using your garden to grow expensive vzg, or things thqt can(t easily be found locally. I think this is a great idea and also try to do this, but in all honesty: it’s only ever so far worked with herbs and oriental leaves. However, now want to try okra - haven’t seen it since we moved here.

Our only successful crop has been figs, but don’t wish to be a bore because our figs have already featured in another thread on SF.

Grand Frais sell okra when in season.

Why is it that weeds continue to grow with less water than grass does?

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A huge crop of figs due to ripen very soon.


It is in the character of a weed to be able to grow and proliferate where other plants fail…quick growing, quick to seed/run, not needing much soil, food or water makes for a very successful sneaky evil weed. If I could sell our bindweed crop by the kilo we would earn a huge amount!


Some kind of black/loganberry, which produced enough to make several crumbles and freeze, and some very small, acidic cherries (no idea which variety). Both of these had enough water early on in the season to flourish.
Everything else started promisingly, and then died - apples stunted, eaten by wasps, rotted, and fell off well before being ready.
Tomatoes always grow late here, and are only just coming into flower…as usual, meaning that by October when the fruit is on, they won’t ripen and will suffer from apical rot…
The only saving grace for the autumn might be the pumpkins, which are progressing nicely, and still flowering to boot.

Cherry plums - 45 jars of jam this year!



Figs. Bumper crop - same every year. If it’s the same every year, maybe it can’t be a bumper crop, but just becomes a crop?
Waiting for the walnut tree to start shedding. Not great, because they are rubbish walnuts but the dogs think they are great and sadly walnuts are one of those things that can be poisonous to dogs - we know of someone whose dog died. So I’ll be spending days raking up manky walnuts and taking them to the dechetterie.

Where are you, as even here we’ve had tomatoes since beginning of August? We grow a variety called Glacier, which seems to cope!

And to Sue and her manky walnuts, next year on 14th July harvest the young ones and make pickled manky walnuts and vin de noix!

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