What has brightened your day? -ongoing thread

Peter, sorry if I sounded overly gloomy, in consideration of the perfect shag. Of course, there are always more than a few to be found.

I feel, personally, that a few decades, maybe much more, of over-promotion of sex and the possible discovery of ones “other half” with all the fancy/expensive gift wrap of tinsel …(colossal bucks to be made in the “love” industry)…
So persuade everyone to…“wait a lifetime, for a m-o-o-o-ment, like this”
its really worth something …very valuable to everyone …and don’t miss it whatever you do…
duh. !!! Just garbage.

Yes, sure, there’s real, beautiful tenderness and Love.
Sex might be a part of that.

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I cannot understand how anyone could have thought that he was an OK person, it seemed obvious to me and my schoolfriends that he was a complete sleazy creep. And he spoke in the most extraordinary way.


It was so strange! I couldn’t look at him at all. Archetypal creepiness…

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No gloom here, @anon78757855!:laughing:

Archetypal creepiness fits JS like a glove.

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Day brightener No. 5876
Thrilled to thragments, with my all new, concrete rocket stove.
It can be stoked up with logs not just twigs, and it will cook things for ages.
It looks a bit sacred, with the fire and all, so I’m going to give it a Shimenawa 注連縄
Sacred places are typically marked with a shimenawa (special plaited rope) and shime (strips of white paper). Placed at the entrances of holy places to ward off evil spirits, or placed around trees/objects to indicate presence of kami.
Made of rice straw or hemp, the rope is called nawa. The pieces of white paper that are cut into strips and hung from these ropes (often hung from ropes on Torii gates as well) are called shime 注連 or gohei ; they symbolize purity in the Shintō faith.

Merchants and businesses, as well as private individuals, often hang the shimenawa on their front doors at special times of the year. One also often sees the Tamagushi 玉ぐし, a sprig of Cleyera orchnacca with attached white-paper-strips (called ”shide”) used by Shintō priests at ceremonies.



Hi everyone,
Here’s my day brightener…
This morning I went to the dechetterie and then shopping…
Guess how much this lot cost me? (LIDL)
Fennel, cauliflower, courgettes, fresh mint, cherry tomatoes 3 avocados, radishes, 2 iceburg lettuce, green runner beans, spring onions…1 euro for the lot, as out of date. :smiley: I love a bargain!
(They only had 8 trays like this, so I was lucky to get one. )


Wow! Brilliant buy!

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I thought so, even better is that half (50c) always goes to charity - Les Restos du Cœur.


My peach tree has produced peaches before, but TODAY!!
No peach was ever as good!
The wind had taken down about four, I got to three of them, before the ants.
Sorry, ants. Scoffed the lot.
Not hyper-u fruit.
Too yellow, too many spots and bumps.
Taste? Unique. So much juice!


I wonder if there’s an “oldest, still working”…tablette tactile, on record.
My antique Archos, looked very dead this morning.
No way to revive it, except for a hard reset/reboot, but nothing worked.
So pleased I found a way to resurrect it.

Not dead, after all, just sleeping.

I had an Asus which died twice - the first time it went away and was fixed. The second time, I gave up but, luckily, my daughter was upgrading her iPad and gave me the old one because she wanted to keep in touch. Have since upgraded that one at fairly considerable expense but find it invaluable now.

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. @Ian_Horswell .that was briefly, a good thought, for my next tablette breakdown.
…to upgrade my old tablette, but with a ‘first generation’ i-pad.
Via Craig’s List or EBay.
No way! The oldest can still be twice the price of a n Achos Neon! (10yrs?)
Perhaps yours is fast becoming a collectors item?
They don’t do upgrades for mark 1, any more, but it seems that’s no big disadvantage.
My tablet is only 5 years old, but temperamental, so it has to be cleaned out every 4/5 hours.
Until tecky stuff creates itself, every machine might have something of the spirit of its production line, personal, maker.
You can get to “know” your own iPad/Archos like a person. :smiley:

My day was momentarily brightened by the discovery of €4 remise on my carte magasin Utile, so that my purchases only cost me €3.30.

I’m on a very tight budget this month. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OMG!! Surely @anon78757855 has undergone a major bouleversement with the following anthropomorphic/pathetic fallacy admission:

“You can get to “know” your own iPad/Archos like a person.” :smiley:

Bearing in mind her deep antipathy to the harmless, helpless bot! :astonished::exploding_head::robot::heart:

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Getting to know your machine, @Peter_Goble ain’t the same thing at all, as becoming emotionally involved with a bot…OR being bamboozled (whose word was that) into thinking of a bot as an adviser, when its a machine programmed to persuade you to cough up shed loads of dough, for fake goods/services.
I think its a faintly Shinto influence,
Yasuko told me about the Kami everywhere.
I can feel much sweeter and kinder, if I look at a hideous lump of plastic consumerism, and remember that maybe someone, far away, made it, with as much care as they could.
Work for pay, for food, for their kids? :smile:

Oh, go on then, @anon78757855, you’ve persuaded me, against my malevolent nature! :smiling_imp:

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:smile:. … Found the info about the island, too. @Peter_Goble
It has a name, ‘Le Patis du Moulin’…and on the map appears as one solid bit of “taillis”, (which it isn’t, currently a collection of micro islands, heaps of rock and river debris, divided by streams and lagoons, mixed with huge fallen trees) truly Zen.
… Contenance ha. 0. a. 19. ca. 70. I’d say looking at it, approx, .25 of an acre? Dunno.
Beautiful again, today, after a gradual secheresse, fade, Torrential rain in the night, has got the whole thing moving again…

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Please excuse the terrible picture - this is my bay tree, about 8 feet away from where I am sitting. It has some of those Japanese lantern type fairy lights in it, and also 2 wood pigeons and 2 blackbirds!! I am ridiculously happy they roost there, they are so sweet and have been doing it since the early spring😀

Beyond is the messy lavender aka hedgehog maternity centre.


I thought it was only me that put tiny lights, looking Christmassy, in the garden all year round, love it!
…,think I’ve got a bay tree, smells wonderful if you put bits of it in the stove, and in stews, maybe?
Is that a river, in the distance?

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No river alas, I am right at the top of a hill (need to be there so I can see the enemy coming).