What has brightened your day, today?

(Helen Wright) #73

Finally sorting out whatever the discrepancy was between a really old uk eBay account and eBay in France…(found it impossible to reset my forgotten password…) and the highlight of my day…being the top bidder on a pair of purple doc martens…! x :slight_smile:

(Véronique Langlands) #74

Happy birthday Ann!

My day was brightened by at last being back at work, for the first time in 4 weeks.

(Mandy Davies) #75

Glad you’re feeling better Vero x

(David Martin) #76

It always makes me smile when you refer to your French partner. I always wonder if you’ve got a few more of other nationalities tucked away somewhere. :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #77

Actually I do have another ‘partner’ of a different nationality Aquitaine ! Maybe I should try for a set :rofl:

(Helen Wright) #78

Being the highest (and only bidder) on a pair of green doc martens…I’m on a roll…lol…all second hand…I’ve now got a pair of purple and green and black and ox blood and all for the price of less than one half of a pair of new docs…From approx 17/18 I had two pairs…worn constantly but lost them when I moved house…I often wonder what happened to them…probably ended up on eBay and no doubt still gong strong…lol…Anyway I’m well chuffed and should keep me going for the next 10 years at least…I watched a video about how doc martens are made and I do get the price tag…x :slight_smile:

(Jane Williamson) #79

Seeing a pair of hoopoes in our orchard with three fledglings.

(Paul Benjamin ) #80

Friday we accepted an offer on our U.K. property.

So the move over is getting a step closer.

(Bill Morgan) #81

A wander round a VG near Redon and finding a French made ‘Complices’ denim jacket for 2€ :grin:

(Phillip Cox) #82

having a dip in the pool with my wonderful grandson

(Peter Goble) #83

For someone who doesn’t rate football hardly at all, I was delighted to watch Mexico thrash Germany by 1 goal to nil in the World Cup tournament in Russia. Oh, how the mighty are fallen!

(stella wood) #84

Not today, but last night… during a Repas Citoyen fundraiser in our Salle des Fêtes.

A young accordionist was playing during the meal…folk were munching or chatting… depending on where they were in the serving order… then, as his session drew to a close, he put his accordion to one side, turned back to the microphone and gave us a show-stopping version of Nessum Dorma (acapella). (yes, I know this has almost been done to death, but it is still a wonderful aria).

The surprise of him bursting into song stopped folk in mid-munch, mid-chat… you could have heard a pin drop … and, as his final notes died away, the applause which followed… reduced the lad to tears.

He later confided to me that this was the first occasion he had sung in public. I have a feeling it might not be his last. :relaxed:

(Nellie Moss ) #85

He could probably tell he had a receptive audience

(stella wood) #86

We had been having difficulty finding someone to entertain the diners… a friend mentioned his name, so we asked him … took some persuading as he is very shy… I had no idea he could sing :open_mouth:

Anyway, he and I got on like a house on fire… he was very pleased to have the opportunity to use his English on me, so I let him… :relaxed:

There is always noise at these affairs and , at first, he just played against the babble of the crowd, with few seeming to take any notice. I was beginning to wonder if he would lose heart, when a few folk started humming/singing along to the old tunes… phew, that was a relief.

Then a couple started dancing… and then another… soon it was singing, chatting, dancing or dining…

It was obvious to me that everyone was thoroughly enjoying the whole affair… so I suppose he did feel relaxed and comfortable… and I’m very pleased… since his Nessum Dorma… was the icing on the cake… :relaxed::heart_eyes:

(Bill Morgan) #87

A run to the Priory at Pen Lan, for a chicken, eggs and veg, then a good walk round the coast path, lovely day, sunny and warm, with a strong possibility of a barby for din! :grin:

(Mat Davies) #88

@smwsplr what area are you in? Others may wish to hire this star.

(anon54681821) #89

a lovely phone call from a client and a bit of a laugh on the phone. “pins in the eyes”

(stella wood) #90

Ha ha… I’ll act as his Agent… although he is much too young for the big-time just yet… :relaxed:

(Ray Rampton) #91

After a break of a 2-3 years, we again have kestrels nesting in one of the deep window ledges (outside the window pane of an unused room). Four large chicks from counting the heads sticking up for food. It’s a treat to see the parents returning like jet fighters on a low fast and twisting track between the trees to drop off their catches - I guess they do this to hide where they’re nesting.

(Peter Goble) #92

My 1973 Series 3 Land-rover was returned to me after a brief Séjour in a health resort, and is considerably refreshed. On the road it commands great respect. It is equipped front and rear with bumper-bars like railway lines, and never exceeds 80 kph even on the autoroutes, despite à 2,5 litre engine that would drag any modern 4x4 into a ditch, no contest.

I use it mainly for pulling up recalcitrant tree-stumps and carrying ordure to the local décheterie. But it does have a placid, pacifying effect on local roads, and on temperamental local Audi drivers.

The mechanic who tended it tells me that models of this vintage are in great demand, and at auction mine might reach Euro 15, 000 “as is”. That definitely brightened my day…