What has brightened your day, today?

(Mark Robbins) #202

Seeing my little bro smile for the first time in ages. Had open heart surgery in Papworth last week, been visiting this week, driven about a million miles but worth every bit.

(Jane Williamson) #203

That is superb news.
You must be over the moon.

(stella wood) #204

Wonderful news… little brothers are very special… :hugs::hugs:

(Jane Williamson) #205

We had a regular contributor some time ago called Brian Milne who also suffered from sleep apnia and used the same device very successfully.
I think you can tell EDF that you have one of these machines and they note it so both you and they are aware that you now have a priority line.

(stella wood) #206

Phew… we’ve put the oil-CH-boiler ON today… first time this winter… and OH stood watching anxiously to see if water would start seeping/gathering at the base of the boiler… as it did last year… :open_mouth::open_mouth:

In the summer the plumber assured me that all was well… “touch nothing, Stella… except the temp guage and the time switch…”

OH is longing to top-up the water, says the pressure is too low… but I have repeated Jean-Jacque’s solemn instructions… and OH has (reluctantly) left things as they are…

So far, so good… and the house is feeling warm in every nook and crannie. In fact too warm. We normally do not have heating in the bedrooms, but I thought I should check that all radiators are working… and… wow… they are, with a vengeance.

I’ll light the woodburner for tonight and switch off the CH… maybe we won’t need to use it again… who knows… but it is great to know that if push comes to shove with the Winter Weather… it will perform on command.

We do plan to replace it… but not before we have come up with an environmentally-friendly and financially-attractive package… :thinking:

(Peter Goble) #207

This thread is very valuable, Stella, it helps me to keep a sense of perspective and to count my blessings. You are a clever ‘old thing’ and the fairy on my personal Christmas tree, which is saying something as I am firmly in the Bah! Humbug! camp generally. :unamused:

Anyway, two things cheered me up. I got up at the crack of dawn to be first to order an oil delivery as we have almost run out, and the tanker will come tomorrow, driven by Louis, the best-dressed man in Sourdeval (off duty).

Second, I found a leaflet in my letter box advertising an Indian/Pakistani restaurant in nearby Vire, with mouthwatering Kormas and Vindaloos at outrageously un-French hours such as 1100-1500 and 1800-2300 le mardi thru dimanche. My cup is running over! No curry emoticons, you’ll have to imagine them


(Jane Williamson) #208

Lucky you.
I have had a virus, not alone there around here, but I definitely feel on the mend.

(stella wood) #209

Glad you are feeling better Jane… there seem to be some nasty germs/virus (whatever) around. I am assured that we need a good, cold snap… to kill them :thinking:

(Ann Coe) #210

AghhhI am full of envy Peter, I love Indian/Pakistani food. We have a few Chinese restaurants in the ‘big town’ 65 kms away but as yet no ‘spicy food’.

I lived in the North of England for some years and we were really spoilt for choice with excellent ‘curry houses’.

Have also had some good curries in Paris but too far away :wink:

Hope that you manage to take your good lady for a gastronimic experience in Vire, maybe you can post any left overs to me, I will give them a good home :wink:

(David Martin) #211

I think it brightened my day…
I was looking through some photos on FB this evening, posted on a page of archived photos from a professional photographer in the town I grew up in and there was a photo of me as a teenager!

(Jane Williamson) #212

We have had freezing weather for days here.
It has only warmed up in the last two days.

(Phillip Cox) #213

seeing my 8 year old grandson singing Christmas carols at his school Christmas fete

(Mat Davies) #214

@Misty36140 - just to make you jealous I have been out for a curry tonight along with a couple of real ales - something I will miss in France.

(stella wood) #215

Now then Mat… which do you reckon you will miss in France… curry… or … real ale… ???

(Mat Davies) #216

@smwsplr It is actually very rare that I have either - but probably a good beer.

I think I will bring my homebrew kit with me - so it may be possible to brew something reasonable.

(Jane Williamson) #217

This morning it is freezing again today, but bright and sunny.
All the planes leaving pink streaks in the sky.

(stella wood) #218

Yes, it is pretty isn’t it Jane… I hate the grey, damp days…

Looking forward to getting some laundry dry in the fresh air today… yippee :hugs:

(Ann Coe) #219

Bring some curry kits too, you could maybe do take-aways :wink:

(Helen Wright) #220

Because of the recent problems with O2…Giffgaff was also affected…”compensation” for Giffgaff members was set at £1 million…we got an email to ask if we wanted our 87p in airtime credit or whether we wanted to donate it to charity…

Got an email today to say that Giffgaff members have donated over £387,000 to Crisis to help the homeless…x :slight_smile:

(Carol Bouvet) #221

Found my old paper UK driving licence after3months so finally I hope to get round to applying for a French one !