What has brightened your day, today?

(Nellie Moss ) #222

I dropped and killed my iPhone the other day but was due an upgrade. Whilst sorting that out I asked had they any good iPad deals So I am now tapping away on a brand new iPad

(Mat Davies) #223

A slightly bizarre phrase - coming to the end of paying for it perhaps, but not due an upgrade.

(David Martin) #224

Seeing Simon back. :slight_smile:

(Chris Kite) #225

(Ann Coe) #226

Reading this and knowing that a drone can actually be a good thing in some instances …

(Ann Coe) #227

Also this, if it was put into practise in every school it would be great, IMO !

(Peter Goble) #228

Smart kids! :grinning:

(Simon Armstrong) #229

Cheque in the post David :wink: Not sure how long I’ll last but I’ll try … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Véronique Langlands) #230

Making these almost* to Jane’s recipe
(Almost because no porage oats so we used muesli)

(Timothy Cole) #231

Strange looking burgers.

(Simon Armstrong) #233

Pre-holidays haircut and shave in a proper barber’s chair from a proper barber… great banter… great smell…great ‘man’ feeling :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::star_struck: One of those Neanderthal moments…

(David Martin) #235

Really, I couldn’t hear what he said but I did hear a woman insulting him quite clearly. The Tories are falling apart. It’s now been announced that they set out to cause an incident today. Playground games, nothing else. Incidentally it’s on Record that the Chancellor used exactly the alleged words very recently when referring to another Member of Parliament and apparently Mrs Thatcher was well known for being even more blunt. It’s hardly newsworthy and if that sort o& incident makes your day words fail me. What is they say, Get A Life!

(Véronique Langlands) #236

Hahaha lovely crunchy edged chewy middled oat biscuits.

(David Martin) #238

No it was no a jovial post it was a statement about your political preferences. I hope that you leave your fear of Mr Corbyn at the office door and keep it for your comedy moments. Perhaps you should have balanced it by having a pop at the scripted insults coming from the Prime Minister at the same time. I wonder what you said under your breath when you read my post.

(Meghann Robbe) #239

Fresh Mistletoe!! A gentleman was selling big bundles of it today for €5…i didnt want such a large amount so he kindly sold me a few trimmings for a €1. Told him Merry Christmas and his smile grew very big!

I wrapped some lovely ribbon around it and now it is in my kitchen where i can get lots of smooches!

(Meghann Robbe) #240

How are ya feeling??

(David Martin) #242

You wrote the comments on a public forum, as a senior civil servant you should have known better. What you do if and when you come to France is a very personal decision but I would like to give you some advice; treat people as individuals don’t come already having divided them into French and English.

(David Martin) #243

Selling, I thought you just cut it from a handy tree.

(Brian Wheeler) #244

Fine you win. I’ve just requested James the Admin to delete my account. I’m off this site now I can really do without this kind abuse for simply expressing a well intended light hearted quip.

(Warren Joiner) #245


Two things today for me I finished two days earlier than expected for my Christmas break :joy: And watching Jeremy Corbyn get caught out clearly mouthing “stupid woman” in Parliament then trying to cover up and lie about it! :joy:
Personally, can’t see anything other than light humor & joy of getting off work early in this post?
David, Try thinking out of the box sometimes & you may see the funny side of things. Humbug humbug, lol. It’s CHriiiiiiissssssssmmmmmmmmmaaaaasssssss!