What has brightened your day, today?

(Mat Davies) #246

@Brian_Wheeler - please reconsider your choice to leave - I am facinated to see how your new property purchase goes over the next couple of years.

(Paul Flinders) #247

He claims he said “Stupid people”

I think I actually agree with him (both that he said it and the Tories, indeed all politicians, are not necessarily terribly bright).

Look closely, both woman and people are two syllable words but in woman the syllables require the mouth to change shape at the beginning - W is said with the lips pursed forward and M with them held back.

The two syllables of people both begin with P so are the same - whatever word he did utter last people fits his mouth shape better than woman.

I don’t see what the fuss is about - stupid people is perfectly accurate.

Brexit vote cancelled?
(David Martin) #248

I think it was the use of lie that swayed me.

(Brian Wheeler) #249

Fine I’ve deleted my post. Christ such a drama over a simple throw away line.

(Brian Wheeler) #250

Sorry Mat I’m so over this site now it’s not the first time this has happened it’s too much like hard work for me. I joined these forums for information and applied learning to help with my renovation project but have found that expressing any form of personal opinion just seems to bring derision and upset. There are other places I can get the information I need. The thought of sharing my renovation project on here fills me me dread now to be honest and I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it. As I fear all I will get is people telling me I’ve done this wrong or that wrong and pulling it to pieces. And I’m doing this project for me as it’s a life ambition so to have it publicly ripped apart as I’m sure it will be is just going to depress me and ruin the whole experience for me. So probably best I just quit the site I think.

(Warren Joiner) #251

I’ll leave my reply post up so other members can see what all the fuss is about (& someone, IMHO having an off day? replied), they can make up their own minds.
I rather like following the posts you put up regarding your project / adventure, I’m very certain you can get some very good advice from this forum. As with all open forums you have to sort the wheat from the chaff, or put on rose tinted glasses.

(Mat Davies) #252

@Brian_Wheeler - I am keen to follow progress of the works as I am about to start a renovation project myself (documents signed etc) - your renovation is a significantly bigger project than ours - so your optimism gave me hope!

You may be jealous as we even have a roof (with only a couple of leaks!)

The indoor photos give a far better indication of the work required.

(Mandy Davies) #253

Lovely Mat. Congratulations. Where is this? Sorry if you’ve already said somewhere else on here.

(Jane Williamson) #254

We have it in our field, but with all the bugs doing the rounds, I shall use it in decorations.

(Mat Davies) #255

It is near St Emilion - :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass:

(Mandy Davies) #256

Just had to look that up :smiley:. Great wine country if you’re a wine lover.

I hope you love it there. I’m very jealous.

(Brian Wheeler) #257

It looks great mat and in much better condition than mine. I wish you well mate.

(David Martin) #258

How old? Early twentieth century?

(Mat Davies) #259

Yes 1910-1920 ish. A lot of work to do (again!) - I am looking forward to the challenge, this time we are adding plenty of insulation.

(stella wood) #260

I’ve a busy day ahead, but this song is now going round and round in my head… getting me started with a big grin on my face…

(Simon Armstrong) #261

Love it Stella - and the story behind it!!

(stella wood) #262

I’m muttering… je vends des robes… it’s stuck in my head… I’ll drive them mad at the Mairie methinks… :zipper_mouth_face:

(I’ve also put the Sud Ouest link on " Age is only a number…")

(Ann Coe) #263

That would be a real pity Brian.

I was looking forward to seeing how your wonderful projet comes along.

We all have had times when something we have posted has been taken the wrong way or someone just doesn’t gel and becomes a pain in the backside.

I had a problem a while back with someone on here who was ‘freaking out’ IMO over some of my posts and was taking them personally. That wasn’t my intention and I said so clearly.
In the end I decided to ignore the OP’s replies, hard but it worked !

Do please think again and enjoy your ‘holiday’. Seasons greetings to you and your partner x

(Timothy Cole) #264

Life’s too short to worry about people on a forum who are not your friends and who you’ll likely never meet.

(Ann Coe) #265

Too true Tim ! :wine_glass: