What has brightened your day, today?

(Ann Coe) #286

Appreciated Peter, hugs from both of us here in la france profonde :hugs::hugs:

(Mat Davies) #287

When doing up a house in France you can become a little too focused on renovations :

(David Martin) #288

The weather.

(Graham Lees) #289

A news item about the drones at Gatport Airwick…
Seems that the Chief Constabule of Sussex Police has announced that he fears the drone spotted by people at Gatwick was a Police drone…
No wonder the Uk is a world wide laughing stock…
I hope the poor unfortunate couple who were arrested for this sue Sussex Police for a considerable sum.

(Timothy Cole) #290

Not sure that’s exactly what he said Graham, Sussex Police sent up their own drones to try and locate the one/ones that sparked the initial airport closure and it seems the general public were reporting sightings of the police drones to the police which just perpetuated the confusion and possibly caused the airport to closed longer than it needed to be.

(Mat Davies) #291

The Sussex Police drones obviously been to be painted fluorescent yellow and blue/white and have blue flashing lights - plus an audible warning of nee-naw-nee-naw!

(Graham Lees) #292

That said Tim, they closed the airport twice more as a result of sightings after the initial one…
You’d have thought that they would have informed the airport authority/operations to avoid the ‘keystone cop’ moment…

(Chris Kite) #293

Contestant on quiz show tonight decided to name the Metropolitan Police Commissioner as…
Caressa Dick :rofl:

(Ann Coe) #294

A Freudian slip :wink:

(Peter Goble) #295

@Misty36140: A Freudian slip.

No, hot-bloodedly deliberate-on-purpose :joy:

When I was 16 every boy’s favourite name for a make-believe girl-friend was Clarissa Clit**** :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::grimacing:

(Jane Williamson) #296

I heard the chap and he said that they had been traumatised by the whole experience.
Forty odd people were lined up and arrested at a stabbing.

(Ann Coe) #297

A quote from one of my favourite films, Shirley Valentine.

" I would quite like to be called Clitoris ( Clee tor is ), it sounds posh ".

" Well why not, plenty of men called Dick around" ! :rofl:

On that note I’m off, Happy New Year everyone ! :slight_smile: :wine_glass::wine_glass::fireworks::fireworks::firecracker::tada::champagne::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:

(stella wood) #298

What has really brightened my day today… I made my first batch ever… of lemon curd… and OH has just licked the spoon clean… and declared it delicious… yippee…

(stella wood) #299

Apart from the lemon curd… the almost high-spot was when speaking with a bereaved son about his mother’s funeral this coming Friday…

I asked his permission to use “tu” and it almost reduced him to tears.

He hugged me and asked if I would like to see “maman”… there’s me thinking we are off to the funeral parlour, but, no, there she was in her bedroom. … thankfully… looking… well, simply looking like any other sleeping “maman”… it was such a relief.

Phew… this is some learning curve… :hugs:

(Catharine Higginson) #300

Ha ha - not funny I know - we got invited in to see “papy” some years back… had an interesting conversation with my 5 year old daughter about why there was a fan under papy’s bed and why he needed to be kept cool…

(stella wood) #301

This “lad” is 60… but when it’s “maman”… :thinking: age is irrelevant

(Nellie Moss ) #302

My mum told the story of her granddad dying when she was a little girl and knowing that he was somewhere in the house but not where. Back then they had a ‘parlour ‘ the best room that was rarely ,if ever ,used so she never thought he may be in there. She searched the house for him ,ending up looking under sofas ,behind curtains etc. It was years before she realised where he had been

(Jane Williamson) #303

I love lemon curd.

(stella wood) #304

I’ve rarely eaten it, but I know it is lovely. We had a glut of lemons to use up… so I thought I would have a go… very pleased so far…

(Mark Robbins) #305

And everyone else’s :poop::poop: