What has brightened your day, today?

(Sue Young) #101

Finally getting an appointment for CdS at Perigueux. Not 'til September but gives me time to gather the paperwork from various folders.

(Jane Williamson) #102

Thanks Stella. Drinking Benylin max strength.

(Véronique Langlands) #103

Get well soon, a teaspoon of honey with a drop of ravintsara helps too.

(Bill Morgan) #104

B’ has me on ginger and honey, I have a serious dose of ‘man flu’, B’ has a simple cold, which she has given me.
Of course it has escalated, dramatically phuff :unamused:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #105

So real !

(Bill Morgan) #106

Thats a ‘bit cruel’, My Sweet! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Véronique Langlands) #107

Are you vaccinated against whooping cough? Neither the vaccine nor having had it give lifelong immu ity, as I have discovered. I have been whooping for some 6 weeks now and probably have another 6 to go… it is no fun.

(David Martin) #108

I went out to lunch and took my 86 year old car for a drive. Over 150km of beautiful sunny countryside. Lunch was good too.
I was overtaken a few times, the score was;
Vehicles that passed me = 5
Vehicles that I passed = 0
Every single tractor on the road was going in the opposite direction giving me little opportunity to score.

(stella wood) #109

You lucky beggar… :relaxed:

(carl tunnicliffe) #110

86?? This I gotta see!!! Any pictures to gladden the heart David?

(Jane Williamson) #111

Thanks Vero, on the mend today. A horrible summer head cold.

(Jane Williamson) #112

I’ve just had a call from Jim who is at the garage in Macon having a new sensor put into the air conditioning.
He will be a bit longer than he thought as they have found a mouse nest, chewed wires and lots of ants!

(Chris Kite) #113

5 stere of loose logs arriving this afternoon…30 degrees. I’m sweating at the thought of it.

(stella wood) #114

Phew… glad it’s not me… (but thanks for reminding me to contact our “man”).

We arrange a “wood party” with lots of beers etc in the fridge for those who come to help shift and stack …

(Chris Kite) #115

As sole shifter and stacker, the beers are all mine😎

(stella wood) #116

In which case… I would just let the wood lie where it falls… and shift and stack once the day cools down a little bit… you can enjoy a beer or two in the meantime :relaxed:

(Bill Morgan) #117


(stella wood) #118

What has brightened a difficult day… an unexpected invitation to the Charente… yippee… . we’re off tomorrow to spend a couple of days with great friends… :grin::grin:

(Jane Williamson) #119

And Andy Murray has just beaten Stan Wawrinka.

(Peter Goble) #120

I sometimes wonder if there is a law that requires the orderly stacking of logs. Everyone seems to stack their firewood, some stackers going to obsessive lengths to ensure absolute symmetry.

I don’t stack my logs. The forestier who delivers tham just dumps them outside my corrugated zinc shed, and I fling them in like a welly-wonger, assisted by my daughter. They are unartfully piled and air circulates freely amongst them so they dry nicely and burn beautifully.

But I sometimes think I am brutalising French aesthetic sensibilities by my behaviour, and flouting some ancient norm.

Please tell me, though I shall probably ignore it.