What has brightened your day, today?

(Ann Coe) #121

A veritable work of art there Peter :slight_smile: Just a little question (well someone has to ask) what do you do if, like me a few years ago, you have 3 x 5 steres delivered over 2 days. ?

(Peter Goble) #122

Run for the hills, Ann, run for the *@#~ë hills! :scream:

(stella wood) #123

That is just how our logs arrive… :grin: chucked (any old how) into the garden as speedily as possible… so that the woodman can move his tractor and trailer off the dangerous bend…

They are then carefully stacked under the abri and against the garage wall, beautifully neat and tidy and ensuring that the air can flow freely. They are also ranged according to size … all clever stuff. OH has got it down to a fine art now… :grin:

We cannot hide our logs, as you are able to do, so we conform to local standards. :relaxed::relaxed:

(Peter Goble) #124

I’m picking up that “c’est normal” is no mere throw-away phrase in France, it’s loaded with cultural significance… :fr::thinking::slight_smile:

(David Martin) #125

My logs arrive on a trailer. I arrange their delivery through my neighbours and don’t actually know the supplier. The tractor and trailer arrives, usually bringing 3 cords of oak and the driver, and his helper plus my two neighbour unload and stack it. With five of us doing the work it doesn’t take long.

(anon54681821) #126

what brightened my day today was the ability to help another human being stranded by Ryanair at Lourdes airport when they should have been at Toulouse by a hire car that did not pan out. Faces with them getting a taxi to tarbes then the train to me I met them at the train station and took them and their dog to pick up their car at Blagnac. Not for praise or glory just for the sense of being able to do something for someone else to make life easier for them.

(anon54681821) #127

ive just got rid of 10 stere of wood over past 2 days that was in my way. It is now as a not so young couples house nicely stacked awaiting the winter.

(anon54681821) #128

my logs out the back (about 50 steres are just dumped there in an odd fashion. to the point the piles are actually leaning over and are lively to fall. luckily it will fall still under the shelter so meh is all I say

(Ann Coe) #129

Today the sun is shining merrily away and I’ve managed 2 hours of gardening before it gets too hot.
Off for a shower and to change into something ‘pretty’ because I am taking my lovely mum to lunch at a friend’s house.
Lunch will be served on the terrace overlooking the Zen pond,cascade and beautiful trees and flowers. :hugs:
Best of all … I don’t have to do the cooking (or the washing-up) :slight_smile:
Cheers :wine_glass::wine_glass:

(Peter Goble) #130

The first log delivery I did stack them in the shed and they took up much less room, it’s a fact. It took some time to get the hang of stacking as the logs weren’t split, and being of irregular size and shape were not easy to stack tidily. But stacking is satisfying when done properly,I admit.

Knowing my local supplier who lives a ten minute drive away means I don’t have to order more than three stères at a time, and we only use them to heat the séjour and bedroom above, so they last for months. I feel a bit of a slob now, even though the logs are out of sight in a closed shed! :roll_eyes::confused::grin:

(David Martin) #131

I actually have two wood sheds Peter. The biggest is the place where the metre long logs are stacked neatly, the second is where the cut and split firewood and kindling are put. The first is neat and orderly, the second is much less so; the wood is thrown into three irregular piles, large, medium and small. I too may be a slob but sometimes that’s just more practical for the task in hand.

(Bill Morgan) #132

:rofl: I have the pleasure to come Peter, we haven’t ordered yet, we get 2/3 Corde, cut to 30cm and split, ready to ‘go’ :grin:

(Jane Williamson) #133

We went out in the car complete with functioning air conditioning with our guests in the gite.
We came back with lots of wine, fruit juice and cider.

(Bill Morgan) #134

Remodeling our ‘Grand Designs’ Barbie :+1:

(Chris Kite) #135

Just had an email to tell me I have a match on a dating site…she’s called Doris Martin…WTF…

(Bill Morgan) #136

:+1: :heart: :wink:

(anon88888878) #137

Doris Martin - lovely girl :wink:

(Mat Davies) #138

My day has been brightened as we are sitting at Eurotunnel Folkestone returning to France for a long break - I have been so looking forward to returning.

(Bill Morgan) #139

Now, if she is as attractive as her sister, Aston, Chris :+1:

(Ann Coe) #140

Could it be a relative of Aquitaines ? :joy::joy: