What has brightened your day, today?

(Peter Goble) #161

Reasons to be cheerful :grinning: @Helen6, and how’s the conversation going with the posh Renault, are you in tune with each other with you on her left?

(Bill Morgan) #162

The photographer, has work to attend :grin:

(stella wood) #164

Best News of the Academic Year… to brighten my day… our school has been granted another Teacher as from September 2018… yippee… :heart_eyes::hugs::grin::grin::grin:

We “lost” a Class some years ago… and our little village has felt “under threat” ever since… 'cos if you lose the school, you lose the life-blood of the village…(well, that sort of thing).

yippee… yippee… yippee

(Mat Davies) #165

Attached photo is proof we made it back to the Gironde.

(stella wood) #166

Good to know you have arrived safely… :relaxed:… now pour a well-earned drink and relax…:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

(Helen Wright) #167

We’re getting there Peter…she has hissy fits if I get too near the lamppost backing out of my drive…more histrionics if I forget my seatbelt…but I think a few more days and we’ll be on the same wavelength…talking of which…my son programmed the inbuilt sat nav on the way to the airport…set it to English…found a European radio station playing both French and English…soon as I’d hugged him and said a bientot and set out for home I could hardly hear either the sat nav or the radio which was playing Christine and The Queens who we all love…So failing to find the volume button I relied on my old sat nav to get home…as soon as he landed back in uk I texted him to ask how to turn the volume back up…lol…x :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #168

My second eldest daughter climbing to the top of mount snowden today…and my son who on his first day back at work (Friday) after 9 days here ran out of driving time and was looking at spending the night in his lorry…yes I know it happens but I put out a silent anxious mother alert…His boss met him at the services and drove his HGV back to base whilst my son drove his car…thankyou… x :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #169

Sounds like your son has a good Boss… :relaxed:

(Helen Wright) #170

I think so too Stella…he texted me to say he was 2 and a half hours away from base with 3 minutes drive time lacking…then a motorway holdup meant 17 minutes lacking…then the prospect of sleeping in his HGV with an early start this morning…not a problem as he often starts at 2.30 to 3 am in the morning…one of these days my anxious mother alerts might subside but until then yes he has a great boss… x :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #171

Hi Helen… I reckon his Boss appreciates a good employee… :relaxed:

(Jane Williamson) #172

Unfortunately it turned into a severe chest infection.
My normal doctor was not available and i saw the replamcement.
She gave me some very strong antiobiotics and I now feel so much better enough that we were in our pool at 10.30 with the lights on.
Normally we have guests in the gite, but due to the change in Homeaway charging guests a large fee we have space in July.
So hot it is our gain.
Making raspberry ice cream tomorrow.

(Chris Kite) #173

Watching Eric Clapton’s “Life in 12 Bars” this evening.

(stella wood) #174

I found an envelope containing 1€ in my letterbox this morning… the note said:

"Merci Stella
Les bons comptes font les bons amis… "

so now I’m left trying to figure out who this is from… the signature is impossible

But, it is lovely to know that someone has taken such pride in “repaying” what I obviously gave at some time in the past… :thinking::relaxed::open_mouth:

(Peter Goble) #175

Our day was much brighter after we cleaned our ground floor windows inside and out, and put up fresh net curtains. There are 7 windows like the one illustrated and four glazed doors in the same style, nine double windows upstairs. I reckon that’s 616 single grimy rdc panes in total, inside and out, and Lord knows how many journeys up and down a wobbly stepladder.

But the feeling of satisfaction is huge.:innocent:

(Bill Morgan) #176

Like me, You’re too bloody old, to be “Wobbling” about on step ladders, as Babeth would say to me, “Silly old Buxxer”, not you of course Peter, She’s much too polite :rofl:

(Peter Goble) #177

You’re right Bill, and so is your OH. We do a fair amount of walking “off piste” (or half-pissed) as walking over irregular surfaces and in gradients is supposed to help to keep the ear-innards from seizing up, or so they say. Use it or lose it!

Fortunately all the windows upstairs open inwards too, so I don’t have to dangle over the very unforgiving trottoir to clean them. There are the same number of windows upstairs. I always wonder why the Brits don’t have inward-opening windows. Does anyone know🤔?

(Bill Morgan) #178

Culture of very heavy curtains/ inside shutters Peter?

(Mary Wolcott) #179

Paddled in a kayak, on quiet ocean, for three hours. At the mouth of a cove we floated in place near the coastline and watched a pod of porpoises surfacing and breathing a flume or two lightly out their blowholes, showing a fin as they arced back down into the water, then surfaced again farther away. Sometimes all three would surface in one spot near each other, sometimes two, sometimes each a far way apart. Watched this and the fog rolling in and then out around the islands, and the light of the day on the water and the sky. Amazing to watch the birds and the porpoises from the level of the water. Memorable. Possibly the last time I’ll get to do that for a long long time, if this move to France actually works out. Such a nice thing to have, as a memory of my time in Maine.

(Peter Goble) #180

On a rather less lyrical note than yours, Mary, I was able today to twist and tug a venerable molar from my lower jaw, where it has grumbled and fidgetted for the last three months. It has given 77 years of gnashing and chomping service, and I estimate it has processed several hundred tons of nosh in its estimable lifetime.

Surprisingly it looks in quite good condition, despite its determination to have out: à bit like an upside down miniature of the Matterhorn.

It now rests in the palm of the hand of my gilded Kwan Yin rupa, fitting resting place for a devoted appendage. It didn’t bleed much, but left what felt like a huge hole, as is usually the way after a dental extraction. Good day’s digging, brightened my day!

(Bill Morgan) #181

Bravo Pete, last one I had the bottle to pull mesel’, I was about 8, and I got a ‘tanner’ for it :grinning: