What has happened to AngloInfo?

I don.t go on that often but can.t seem to connect at all anything beyond opening screen…

They have had terrible problems with their IT but to be fair to them they did call me when I queried the issues (as an advertiser) and explained what had happened. We all have computer issues from time to time and I know they were working flat out to repair them. In fact, their customer service was very good, credit where credit is due as often the way a problem is managed can help overcome the issue.

I thought they'd reduced the speed to take account of the client group.

Ti-hi, so we will all be able NOT to debate or reasonably challenge things on there again. Nah, can't be bothered. Apart from that, for buying things leboncoin is far superior and CHEAPER!

Seems OK to me.... fixed????

All looks fine to me, perhaps the problems are intermittent or localised.

http://lyon.angloinfo.com/ appears to be working OK

By what turns up on My screen it looks like a similar problem to that experienced by Land Rover forum some years ago - a big, fat gremlin just would not let things happen properly. And apropos the site itself - you must confess, its a very useful sorce3 of information. I've used its columns to help me buy a house, tax my cars, find a dog, give me loads of factual health information and resources; and last time I went to Sydney gave me ideas about where to meet up with my friends in Singapore AND Sydney. All without demanding payment!

Oh! And the other thing I like is that they delete cleaver clog back biting and bitchy personal remarks.

Have a nice day.

Anglo info Dordogns is my local one and i use it regularly and in the last week they are having "serious technical issues " as written by Hazel who runs the franchise.

This could be down to internal IT problems or cyber attacks etc , or maybe they having some more serious business problems and nobody is aware ?

Its a sham as its a useful site for buying / selling within geographical boundaries or finding very local suppliers etc not so good for discussion as the moderators are a bunch of small mnded numptys who try and control all conversations as though the users are delinquent teenagers!

Justice, oh justice Jane, sweet justice.


Perhaps they have got their comeuppance!

or anglo what...?

anglo who...!

Sounds like we can express our 'opinions' as normal then ;-)

They've got massive server problems apparently - though they thought they were fixed - obviously not.