What is an S2

Can some one explain S2 and S1.

An S1 is a form issued by the Department of work and Pensions in the UK to people who are resident outside the UK which confirms that the UK will pay for their healthcare in the country where they are resident - like France.

An S2 is issued to people who are resident in the UK and confirms that the UK will pay for some specific treatment for that person in another country - like France.

It’s a European wide thing, so French people can get the equivalent if they live in the UK or (god help them) want to travel there for treatment.

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Very much afraid to drop the carte vital and go with an S1 because I do not trust the UK gov. They could abolish the S1 in order to retain funds for UK.

The CV is complemented by the S1 - it’s not a replacement for it and the S1 (if you are entitled to it) protects certain interests as far as French taxation is concerned.


Certain interests.

exemptions from paying Social Charges:

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You don’t drop the carte vitale. As far as you’re concerned there is no change. It is just that France bills the UK. If for any reason this stopped (for example trade war resulting in the withdrawal agreement being ripped up) then you would return to as you are now, and would pay an annual cotisation if you are inactive. . As a permanent French resident you have the right to be in the health system.