What is going to happen to france?

He has once again left france to visit another country.Hollande is always gone somewhere when he should be in france. He is not popular at all.he has 20 pour cent of popularity , the lowest score since the beginning of the fifth republic.are the French going to boot him out or is he going to carry on pulling us down to the depths of despair.old age pensioners who can’t pay their taxes,families who are skint, dreading to be out of work and so and so.does this happen in the Uk?if not maybe I can think about going back, if britain will accept me,they will probably consider me as a immigrant.

Y' thanks for the insight

Historically France is not what Hollande and his party are trying to make it be. The kind of pseudo-socialist government that simply appears to be oblivious to the issues that make their nation function and attempt to solve as many things as possible with ever increasing taxation can never be popular. It is probably a calculated factor in their governance except that this time they have a leader in Hollande who has done nothing whatsoever to gain the support of the people. The opposition are particularly using his unpopularity to drive a wedge between the people and the ruling party. This time the people are becoming far more convinced by the promises of the far right, the FN and other smaller regional parties with similar messages. With his 20% 'popularity' the PS has two choices: either lose outright next election or replace Hollande with somebody more convincing. There they have a problem in that thus far there has been controversy, bad decision making and infighting on the part of potential candidates. So it is not just Hollande but his party as a whole that is losing support.

Particular issues such as immigration and Roma are deflecting attention away from matters that are actually far more important. This is where the right is capitalising. They can criticise governance and details such as cost of living, taxes and so on to a largely demoralised and complacent population but add emotive topics such as those two and they are on a serious winner.

Politically modern France and the Fifth Republic are an accident in a way. After WW2 and the space between 1945 and 1958, when this Fifth Republic began, France was at war with itself. Part of the root of that was WW2. 60% of France was occupied; German occupation was at the expense of the French people since they appropriated half of all of France's public sector income and benefited from all industrial sectors significantly. In the 'self-governing' 40% of (Vichy) France, the leadership collaborated in the virtual plunder of French resource. They also sent French forced labour to Nazi Germany, mainly opposition members, as well as rounding up and deporting Jews, Roma and others for 'internment' in Germany.Their aim, at least they claimed, was to preserve at least at least some kind of French sovereignty. Initially they half-collaborated, then went into a period of passive collaboration then the Vichy regime actively participated and supported the Nazi regime. Vichy left France with a legacy of a number of ultra-right wing organisations including the monarchist, anti-semitic and xenophobic Action Française that is an 'ancestor' of FN.

Unfortunately, the guilt and divisions that persisted during the pre-Fifth Republic days and has lingered since have been largely forgotten and written out of history. People are now nostalgically recalling halcyon days of kings and queens and a purely French France. Marine LePen and her ilk are feeding on that. The uncomfortable truths of Algeria and Indochina have similarly been erased. France still has a significant number of colonies, is therefore in the popular mind a world power and can be 'great' again, leaving all other people behind. Therefore Europe, or better said the EU, is losing popularity. France, at least the right are encouraging people to believe, needs none of this.

The effect is that with history now discarded, French guilt is similarly forgotten but its Action Française type message is being amplified. What we see around us is more a construction using the mentality of Vichy leaders than even Gaullist nationalism. Hollande is not entirely to blame but he has accelerated what is happening now and is doing absolutely nothing to turn France round and make it the modern, democratic state he would claim it to be. So, to answer your actual question. It looks like France will continue to become far more xenophobic and insular, it will become more reactionary but it is doubtful that monarchy would be restored despite a growing restoration movement. It would not be in the interest of the nationalists to begin with since it would demand an entirely new constitution again and the difficulties of getting a large enough political majority to accept that would be very difficult. As for what FN or their like may actually do, well the things the people would like to see like lower taxes, relaxation of the over-bureaucratisation of France, higher wages, less unemployment and so on are very unlikely to happen. Ultimately the basic policies between the present and a possible future government do not differ very much in those domains, so here we have the French kidding themselves as much as anything else. They may become more inward looking, nationalist as one might say, but little more bar the unpleasantness to Roma, Jews, Moslems and a few other foreigners whose differences they can feed their message on.