What is it with Amazon.fr

Sorry to hear about your problem Paul.
Could it be that Thursday is a PH in France?

No post etc on Thursday 15th (férié)

Heh, it was just a rant to vent some steam - yes, aware Assumption is a JF :slight_smile:

However this is not the first time and I’d expect the fact that Thursday is a holiday to be taken into account when telling me what day it will be delivered both before and after I’ve parted with my cash.

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Paul you have to embrace the less urgent approach or you will melt with anger!

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I am fully attuned and relaxed to the French ways, it does not stress me one jot that the French Amazon will deliver this item on Monday whereas if I buy the exact same dehumidifier from Amazon UK I could have it delivered to my UK address tomorrow.

It’s the fact that Amazon give a different (earlier) estimate before you pay, and they do this almost all the time. Actually, to be fair, they have done it enough that I don’t believe the initial estimate any more.

“Meditate, Be Present”

Very funny Graham :slight_smile:

better than a Berkow bellowing :rofl:
Calm yourself man, I’m worried about your health!!

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I’ve given up on mail order including amazon. I recommend that you take the slower route and use the local quincaillerie for all appliances because someone charming comes and fits it and tests it. In the long run it’s quicker. For books I use my local bookseller and he’s quicker than amazon.fr
Try it! It’s so much more pleasant.

Amazon pricing and delivery is a bit of a mystery. It’s not uncommon that ordering from Amazon UK and paying postage to France is noticeably cheaper than ordering from Amazon France with free postage - even when the item is sold by “Amazon EU”! Once I ordered a spanner off Amazon UK for this reason and it got delivered to SW France the next morning. Other times, delivery can be mysteriously delayed.

I do try to buy stuff locally when it makes sense, but sometimes the price difference with Amazon etc is just too much to ignore.

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I think this is unusual, at least for me. I have ordered tons of things from amazon.fr, and they were always on time, and often a day earlier!


No complaints here about Amazon.fr
I ordered a tin of paint from them on 12th August, it was scheduled for delivery on 22 August but actually arrived today 16th August by post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And, after all that, the dehumidifier was delivered yesterday!

So order was restored Paul :white_check_mark:

Sort-of - given the expected delivery on Monday we decided to go into Vannes to do some shopping yesterday so SWMBO was non too pleased when I told her that a parcel was arriving.

Fortunately it arrived at 9am so the day’s plans were not put too much out of joint :slight_smile:

Tell me about it. One of my pet Amazon hates. None of the stuff I order from them ever gets delivered on the notified date. Taking days off work to wait for a delivery that doesn’t come is not a zen-filled experience.


Have you checked to see if the earlier delivery date is not exclusive to Amazon Prime members. One of the benefits is expedited delivery and if I recall often the quoted “quick” delivery is only to entice you to join up to Prime. Fully check the delivery options at checkout before proceeding.

I have Prime in France as well as the UK - though the former was due to a slight oversight in cancelling the free period at the end of the 2nd month (I’m sure that’s why they so readily offer a 2nd month “free”).

As Alex says - it’s not so much the delay as the imprecision when you have to put other plans on hold to be in for delivery then it turns out to be a different day.

Paul - is Amazon Prime useful in France? We do use our Firestick in the UK, some of the programmes are fantastic, will it work in France as well if we sign up to French Amazon + Prime? And of course have the bandwidth to stream.

I signed up for free delivery on an item (intending to cancell but I forgot to do that it time :frowning: - I guess I fell into the trap).

I don’t use French Prime video, I presume that the content is slightly different but don’t see why it wouldn’t be broadly the same as the UK offering.

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I ordered a replacement flushing valve for our lavatory as the old one failed. It cost less than €10, post-free on Amazon Prime.

An identical product (same well-known marque) retailed in Maison.fr (formerly Point Verte) at €45.89.

A telephone estimate from a local plumber was €200-500 to supply and fit.

It took me 90 minutes to uninstall the faulty valve and install the replacement.

I think Amazon and I were the winners.