What is really going on on SFN

Valerie, yes, yes and yes, plus Ron 'aheerrm' comment also yes, yes and yes and there are more reasons why I put up the other post. Abuse buttons are abused too often on other boards, so some of us might be ambivalent about that. I have seen on both the responses that generally encourage me, and certainly seem to do the same to plenty of you, that the support for Catharine and James, plus amongst ourselves should stave off the rot other sites suffer. Perhaps Valerie is so close to where things should be and in order to keep this site in good order we should be more vigilant (not vigilante, I hasten to add) and when we get to the point where antagonism (as your example) goes too far then ASK James to intervene. It is not 'squealing' or whatever term one might use, it is keeping things clean. A bit of rough and tumble, on the other hand, keeps things lively. Good weekend one and all.

I missed the post too. Guess it's lucky I did! Keep up the good work. True, I adore reading Andrew's remarks too. Keep learning a lot about a country I've lived in for 17 years nearly, but am just starting my own business and the advice on being self employed is just wonderful :) Keep up the great work.

I must admit I didn't bother posting to the other blog because it seemed to be another that was sliding down that slippery slope.

All I can say is I love this site and a great number of the members. I've been given support and advice about so many things that were causing me to doubt moving to France. I've found reassurance and a sense of "family" which will be crucial to me when I try settling my "family" (I'm including the animals) into our new life. I no longer feel isolated and SFN is the best resource I know for solutions to everyday problems or just a laugh. It's unfortunate that some comments read the wrong way (this can be due partially to words taking on a different tone when simply in black & white), are posted to provoke a strong reaction or that sometimes it seems that people have their own agenda and are simply antagonistic (as happened recently on Facebook). I can choose not to read those posts - the only thing that will keep me away is if (when) I get banned. The only thing I can suggest, if it's do-able, is a "report abuse" button unless this becomes open to abuse itself.

Catharine, James and the members have given me a lifeline in the typhoon I'm about to face. Please, to the provocateurs, don't try to turn every debate into a free for all.

Deserves one, I feel,Tracy if only for the time spent looking up the big words.

Ron, I would definitely press the 'like' button for that if there was one!

aheerrm... At the risk of sounding like a doe-eyed, fawning, obsequious sycophant, my view of SFN, is that it presents a Forum, Respite, Debating platform, Oracle, Chat room and Library of encylopedic knowledge, that makes Google look like an out of date Advertisers' Freesheet. Top that with the fact that the principals have acumen, (so important ) and such a broad understanding of all things topical, make this a truly great site. Were I them, I would be immensely proud. Go leaders!

Catharine (and James) - you're doing great, just keep on doing it! We appreciate it and if you are lucky enough to earn the odd bob or two doing something you enjoy, then all the best to you. The great thing about SFN is the fact that it is personal, it is useful and it is interesting.

I have been in France many years, it is my home but, as a foreigner, it is a tad more difficult to get it right. When I need to know something, SFN is the first place I look and in return I try and help everyone else.

As a way forward, now you are so popular, maybe you should consider dividing the forum into sub sections such as:-

Useful Information (for those who live full time in France)

Useful UK information (for those who who still have a foothold in the UK)

General chit chat (for a general gossip)

That way everyone could go into the chats that are relevant to them and those of us that work from home would not spend so much time procrastinating! You are a bad influence!

Hope you are feeling better and by the way who is taking Daisy to the bus every morning at some godforsaken hour - James? Good luck it is really hard having kids and living up to everything you have to do but hey, we'll do it :-)

He he, Hi Brian.

my email is detailed on my profile I think, what on earth could I answer that YOU don't even know. Glad you are well.


Ronald! Oh my hero... I was just thinking how I might get your e-mail address to ask you something. Apart from that, all is well up here. Quite a gentle one. And yes, I'll join you: one two three - rah, rah,rah!

SFN, Rah rah rah!

Yes we do appreciate the whole site and know we can get help if and when we need it - even if it is just an ear to listen to our problems :) thank you all

Thank you Norah! x

Like many others I do not know what has gone on. But I will say, I have never known anybody on SFN be anything but supportive and/or amusing. I do not know what I would have done without the support of "Team Toby" whilst my cat has been so very poorly. And the things I have learned from other people - just by reading the blogs. So I guess that something going wrong once in a blue moon is pretty good going. You must be doing something right Catherine (and James of course) even with your back turned!! Imagine - caring for a husband and family whilst on crutches and running SFN all at the same time - my heroine!!!

Thanks Jenny and Jacqueline - much appreciated xx

Catherine & James

This is a fabulous site and so useful to so many of us. My hubbie who is French keeps on threatening to join. I met up with a lovely English couple the other day who have recently moved to our area and were in need of friends after a comment on this site. Keep up the good work and try to ignore the negative comments. You are both providing an invaluable resource to all of us why ever we are on here. Right back to the Friday night wine! x

I'm still scarred by the removal of my post using the word Bloody :°°°(

Will post about the PE bully over the weekend - just been too busy!

Hour and half on but I hope you have fortified yourself with more than one glass of your something. Belated "Cheers!" for a good intervention for which no white flag would be needed because most of the troops are on your side!

Just thanks for the site - I don't contribute much but all the info is good, and yes you cannot run a site on nothing, sorry about crutches - Had a broken arm a little time ago and the worse thing was trying to open a bottle (and no one to do it for me!) .

Many opinions out there some are people better at stating views without personal attacks.

take care

Oh dear, did I 'like' a a post without reading it properly. Apologies to all if I did. Note to self: Do not comment after skimming...Btw as I have been out of internet reach for a few days, what happened re your daughter and the PE bully?