What is really going on on SFN

Oh Lynn and Tracey with an e - just forgot to include both of you in my Oscar speech...Ooops and please accept grovelling apolgies! Thanks to both of you for all your fab support xxx

Ps Lafayette says a big slobbery "hello"!

I haven't a clue either about what went on and I am not concerned either!

Personally I take my hat off to you - it can't be easy, and you exhibit the patience of saints soemtimes! SFN is one of the most respected and sensible forums I use, please don't alter that. I enjoy the frank discussions and useful comments but there is never any need for this to become personal.

You deserve that glass of 'something' and I think of may join you - it is Friday after all!!

Bon Weekend et Sante !

You are both so so the BEST!

Keep up the great work & service Chat & Fun xx

Very well put Catharine. I'm sure it's not an easy life running a forum. We humans can be both wonderful and horrendous! Keep up the good work, and I hope you can cast aside your crutches as soon as poss!


Well done Catharine ,

I have no idea what you are specifically talking about , but NEVER appologies for being commercial - we all have to make a livingand i totally agree with your granny .

While I agree with the first part of your last paragraph , I'm not so sure about the latter !!!!

Have a great weekend and PLEASE contrinue with the great work you both are doing