What is the process when buying 2nd hand from a dealer?

Specifically, when one buys a second hand vehicle from a dealer, who sorts out the Carte Grise?
Is the dealer meant to do that, or does he just pass on the previous owner’s CG? I believe it is the former since there ought to be an exchange of a PIN?
I ask simy because I am in the process of buying a tractor (with CG) but have no idea what the correct process should be.

The dealer has to do the CG now AFAIK

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We bought a second-hand car two years ago from a local dealer and she arranged everything including CT and Carte Grise on the day of purchase. Incredibly smooth and painless.

@Peter_Goble, thanks for that. I think the whole process changed at the end of 2017? Since then everything went online and requires an exchange of PIN numbers, but I think that registered dealers can do it all? Having registered 6 vehicles here that came from the UK, I am comfortable with process; I realised that I know nothing about how the “normal” process works😉