What is this bug?

I am trying to get rid of lots of pale green aphids on the underside of mostly new leaves on a reine Claude. Ithink they are pucerons farineuses. The edges of the new leaves are white and the insects totally cover the underside of the leaves. Standard puceron spray is having a minimal effect. To top it off I just found a leaf with an altogether different bug sitting amongst the pucerons. I would welcome any ideas on what diable it is ! And is it perhaps related to the pucerons, or eating them?

I think it could be a syrphid fly larva (hover fly) - a puceron predator.

Looks like it might be exactly that. You could always just wait until it pupates, put the pupa in a small container and wait to see what emerges.

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Good idea!

We seem to have a lot more hover flies this year than normal. Let’s hope they are munching away and not just round our lunch table!

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