What is your cherished dream or life changing achievement?

David Dimbleby revealed recently that he has had his first tattoo aged 75. Do you have a long cherished dream that you have eventually fulfilled or are planning to complete in the near future?

I am currently developing a new website www.ifnotnow.org.uk to showcase stories of people who have made major changes to their lives or achieved long held dreams, however small or large. Please contact me if you have a story to tell.

This might include retraining to change careers, studying for a degree in later life, relocating to a new country, taking up an amazing hobby, writing a book or starting a business. The project is not necessarily the important factor; we will also celebrate peoples’ enterprise, courage and determination. You might make it funny, you might make it sad, but most of all make it your story.

We highlight inspirational stories from a woman who celebrated her 60th year by hiking in the Pyrenees, a high flying lawyer who became a landscape gardener, also a couple diagnosed with ME & MS who travelled around the world to visit their first grandchild and long lost cousins. Your achievement might be of a much more personal nature: taking an aeroplane flight, riding a horse or visiting London, for the first time; rediscovering friends or family after many years, losing weight or changing your image. I am sure there are many of you who have changed careers and started new businesses in France, and I know from reading the blogs on SFN that you have many interesting stories to tell.

Within each area of interest I will also feature information, support and where possible an article from an expert or celebrity. For the best articles I will be happy to include links to your web or blog site.

I am looking for between 200 and 3,000 words with one or several pictures which will ideally include what inspired you to do it, some of the joys, the struggles, any help you received on the way(please include contact details of any relevant organisation where possible) and how you feel about it now.

The site will be launched in the new year but click here: http://www.ifnotnow.org.uk/ for a preview It includes contact forms for you to send your story, or you can message me on SFN. I hope you will join us and I look forward to hearing from you.

To have met someone who became your life partner and you are so proud of is a real achievement.