What is your dream?

Just received yet another You Tube from a friend. It has been his life-long dream to be a Rock & Roll singer and now… retired… he is having a go. He has friends in the music industry, so sometimes one will let him share a recording studio facility…

Not sure he will be snapped up by a recording company… but… he is absolutely chuffed…via You Tube he is finally performing before an audience.

I always tick “like” because I feel it takes guts to put yourself in the public domain…

So, folks… Do you have a dream ??

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Might have a fantasy or two, but I’ll leave them to your imagination :blush:

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Hee hee… please no You tube of anything that might put me off my breakfast…:wink:

In my dreams… I can play the piano… I have always wanted to do so since childhood… but it was not to be… and now, with dodgy fingers, there is no hope for more than “chopsticks” … but when I close my eyes and listen to someone playing… then, well, my fingers are flying over the imaginary keyboard…wonderful. :relaxed:

I have a YouTube channel that has some of my guitar tracks on it, so my dream would be to have millions of adoring followers, and become the latest unknown sensation. Not quite sure whether that’s a dream or fantasy…

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Well, you are doing a “Serge” then :grin:… he sends the link round to all his friends. Sadly, not many press the “like” button… but he is not disheartened. :sunglasses:

I use an alias and send links to no one… :guitar:

probably very wise…:wink:

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@smw I now have Abba as an ear worm and I’ve really gone off you :smiley:

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Lucky you… I’ve got Serge’s version of Johnny Be Good in my head… I would prefer Abba…:grin:

Maybe you shoudl rename this forum “Survive Earworms” :smiley:

Well at least we are having chuckle…laughter is the best medicine, so they say… and with that we can survive anything ! :grin:

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Stella, I can’t laugh as I have just fallen and cracked at least one rib!

@Jane_Williamson … Oh good grief… that can be so painful… I know… sending you calming/healing/absolutely-no-laughing thoughts over the ether… :frowning_face:

Oh no you poor thing! Hope you heal up quickly,

My dream…that my wife (who is suffering from her 4th cancer) can get well and never have another one. She is SO brave - going through all the problems associated with chemio and surgery, doesn’t smoke or drink and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I would not wish it on anyone else… but why oh why her…and 4 times ???


I really hope you get your dream


Oh Phillip… I’m sure we all send you positive vibes…4 times…phew…

I wish you both… all the very best… and fingers crossed for a good outcome.

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She sounds like such a good person. Best wishes for many many good days ahead for you both. It’s times like these that my own dreams seem to get revised; the priorities for helping people not be lonely seem to become so high on the list. Along with getting to listen to live music, finding a place to do art, and to garden. I had the honor to transcribe the interviews for a film called “Imber’s Left Hand,” a documentary about a US artist named Jon Imber who died recently after suffering for years with ALS, a disease that leaves the patient with full intellectual faculties while the body slowly deteriorates until basics like breathing and blood circulation are gone. Imber remained upbeat until the end; the film, which could have been sad, was instead a celebration of life. A remarkable artist, and I recommend the film to anyone interested in a story that ultimately makes one feel good about having lived for however long we have.

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What a bloody awful place for you two to find yourself again, but I guess that having to deal with recurrence again and again you’ve found a strength you didn’t know you had, and that strength will be unbreakable, you two will be unbreakable always.

I hope the sun will always chase your shadows away, more often than otherwise. I’m sure everyone on this site will be on your side, wishing you well, and saluting your courage.

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I sincerely hope and pray that your dream comes true.
I’ve just finished Round 1 against Lymphoma and so can understand where you are at.

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