What is your dream?

My nephew was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 9… and given just 6 months to live. elder brother on the phone to me, in tears, with the terrible news…come on sis, get over here… we need you. The whole family pulled together and supported one another. The NHS came up trumps and Birmingham hospital was wonderful.

My nephew is now 40 years old… and a proud father of 2 lovely kids…having survived against all the odds…with the help of innovative treatment (at that time) and some amazing internal surgery on his legs. To see this handsome six-footer now… you would never guess at the horrible times he went through.

Cancer strikes everywhere in many forms… and I tell this absolutely true story…to folk around me, newly diagnosed… to give them hope and to reassure them that you just never really know…what the future will hold. There is always hope… but take each day as a gift.

So…I send my heartfelt good wishes to all of you sufferers out there… there are constantly updated medicines and treatments…and we must always hope…(yep, even when days are darkest, we must hope…)

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Hope that you heal quickly Jane…well it does give you a brake from the kitchen.
Phillip that is a wonderful dream…once we have had cancer we always fear that it will return.
Perhaps I will dream that I shall never fear again.


Barbara, I managed to crack two toes at the same time!
It is fifteen years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I am still here.
Jim managed to cook two beautiful pieces of cod for lunch yesterday.


I just want to give a huge shout out and a hug to all who are up against it on here and I hope things get better for you all and quickly x


Hi Everyone… well … since I was the one who started this thread… I think I can be the one to close it… on a positive HIGH… when we get down to the nitty-gritty

Best Dream is surely: … Good Health :heart_eyes: to Everyone and Strength to all the folk who care…:heart_eyes:


My goodness no-one deserves cancer once let alone 4 times. I truly hope your wife can recover fully this time. Sending all my best wishes to you both.


I thought to “close” this thread… as I felt my light-hearted question had been well and truly answered.

We turned from my pal Serge… singing his heart out…to a very emotive subject: Health …which comes under its own section…

Might it be a good idea to post in future in the HEALTH section … rather that to comment here …

thus any and all questions and answers would then be easily found/identified by folk who might like to join in… or simply enjoy reading/finding support.

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Perhaps Jane and I were looking at life in a different way…
Think for just a moment about what a dream should be.
Something which takes you away from all the pain of every day life
and to something else…
More dreams?

To take part in the Mini Transat. It’s an impossible dream, it’s a young person’s sport, I’m too old. :frowning:

Maybe…but have a look for other dreams.
I have managed to live some of my dreams when I was young.
Now I look for mini ones.

The only thing mini about this one is the size of the boats. Everything else is about as maxi as it gets.