What is your reason for buying a property in france?

I've been trawling through some of the old posts on the forum and have been bemused by the reasons given for buying a property in France. Let's have some input from other members so why did you?

I worked for the UN in Geneva but we lived on the French side of the border so when it came time to retire, we asked for and were granted the Carte de Residence in 2003 and we've been very happy all these 23 years in France. We moved to Orleans area after retirement for cost reasons. We don't ever plan to move back to our native countries (US and Brazil). Were here for the duration.

We had holidayed in the area for 15 years, we always planned a move abroad when we retired, we were able to buy our place as a holiday home to start with…then I was able to transfer to the french headcount of the company I work for and be “decentralized” or work from home…so I exchanged a slow commute around the M25 that was anythimg from 40 mins to 2 hours each way to a wander down the corridor and opening my computer…and wearing jeans not a busimess suit

I am buying my house in Vienne as it is a great location and rural at the same time. I have been in the Corporate world for over 30 years and we want a complete change in lifestyle.

My wife and I are bilingual, we have visited France on and off for over 30 years, plus other countries, but with the language, assets France was the simple solution.

We chose a property in Genouille near Civray as the location was what we were after, close enough to shops etc and far enough to enjoy the quiet.

Free to choose where we wanted to live .. we went for a location where we could afford the kind of house we wanted in the kind of landscape we love.

Tha we ended up buying a different kind of house than we had in mind is neither here nor there, we fell in love with it and the location :) So that was the end of that story and the beginning of our life here in Britanny; and we have not regretted it once since moving here in July 2013.

a new life challenge, done several other things so decided to try it.

We bought our house thirty years ago. At the time we were camping and were considering buying a trailer tent for our next season . The house was cheaper than the trailer and we decided to buy it as a stone tent albeit a tent with a cheminée and electricity. It remained much the same until five years ago when we had the whole building enlarged with bedrooms and study on a completely new first floor, two shower rooms, underfloor heating etc. We bought it because we love this part of France and would return to it whenever we had the chance.

My wife is Swiss, actually Italian speaking but has spent much of her life studying and working in Francophone parts of her country. She had a top job in the UK but neither of us were happy there and anyway we have both had extensive international work experience. We needed a 'compromise' between the UK and Switzerland and whilst we had a preference elsewhere chose France. We both feel comfortable in the Francophone world, so it was just a matter of choosing where in France.

I was a French teacher and 35 years ago twinned my school with the collège here in St Palais (64). I just love the Pays Basque. It has everything from a beautiful coast to towering peaks. The scenery is stunning and so green. No intention of going back to the UK to live …EVER!!

I spent my summers between the age of twelve to eighteen years old staying with my uncle and his family in the village of Lectour near Agen.........I loved every minute of it!......so, when I retired from teaching, I decided to invest my lump sum into buying a little house in the French countryside!........I saw the ideal property, in the village of Havrincourt, near Cambrai.......ideal for me because of its location, just over an hours drive from the eurotunnel, which is the only way I will travel with my dog!.......its taken two years of hard work to make it into a home, during which I've been presented with two beautiful granddaughters,who I adore!.......so, although my intention was to pack up and move to France, my heart won't allow it! Lol.........so, I divide my time between France and Wales!

When I first arrived we (my ex and I) purchased a house to renovate because his parents already lived here and we wanted the quality of life for our child (I was pregnant when we arrived) Since the mariage and his business went belly up I'm a renter as legally I can't take my children back to the UK

Easy - I'd already been living in France for 7 years (mainly in Lyon) and, having decided to move to Montpellier, discovered that it would actually be cheaper to buy than to rent (at that time - 1999 - the same was NOT true in Lyon). So I bought! And then sold in 2006 and bought again (though still in Montpellier)...

Not at all original - my family (other half, kids and I) need somewhere to live not too far from our business and OH's family! On my 6th house at the moment, last house was the same, another was a second home for weekends by the sea (when we didn't have to work weekends!), others were projects while we were in rented and work commitments changed so were sold on.