What legal rights does a shopper have?

We purchased a machine end of March....ride on mower.

Not the first purchase through the years. So the user knows how to use the machine.

We took the machine back to the store where it was purchased and apparently it needs

a new motor and blade...they declare that the machine is no longer under garuntee.

Are they not responsible for repair?

Not sure if I should laugh or cry!

Regarding the saga with Leclerc ......well I managed to sort something

out with the store manager.

So we went off to buy another grass eater from another type of shop.

After 5 weeks and a few times around the garden the machine gave up

as if dead. So we put it into the ageing jeep ( 18 years old and just passed

another CT) and took it to the shop in Libourne. They sent us off to a repair

atelier in Coutras who said that it would be fixed in 3 weeks.

To cut a very long story short the machine is not under guarantee!

So 267 euros to fix a new drive belt!

Insisting that the manufacturers look at this rather than trying to botch me off.

I have asked ' what is included in the guarantee?'

I can only imagine that the answer would be 'nothing is included'.

Just one of life's little dramas for 2016.

Jo it’s not an air printer is it by any chance? On the Apple iPad forum loads of them in America had air printer problems. I’m still trying to get my canon MG2950 to work. It says on the box it was in, in that it’s suitable for iPad Air on IOS, and I had a sales assistant there to confirm I was buying the correct printer, yes it’s the same in the box, we opened it first to check before I bought it!

Once home, downloaded the specific Canon App from the AppStore, have written instructions un several languages including Eng - but no Joy. I can read and follow instructions, so like you I’m not stupid - contrary to opinion of ? on here when it comes to computing and Orange problems. I hope you manage to get it sorted tho! Have you tried contacting printer manufacturer support help online, from your computer?


try here

I just quoted it after I spent a useless hour at Bureau Valléé waiting for a refund that did not materialise on a printer that was impossible to configure. I have insisted on a full refund

and this looks just as useful...the key thing for me was to remember that stuff has legal mandatory guarantee and also may in addition be covered by an extra commercial guarantee that you have purchased in addition.


Mr Brian I never said that I was shouting! There were five people engaged

in conversation and one women[ employed by Leclerc was talking

rather loudly.
The Machine was not used without oil!

You seem to forget that my OH has been using

a similar machine here in France on our land. for years....and

that is a fact.
What on earth are you talking about?

I am keen for companies to take responsibility!

And I have not got money to waste.
Nothing more.

If you have been operating the mower without oil all the shouting in the world will not make you right. Likewise with the cutting blades, if they need replacing after such a short while that is user error, nothing to do with the manufacturer or Leclerc. You are keen for Leclerc to take responsibility for things that are outside their control.

perhaps..and I am sure you were right.

But j knows that you have to put oil in.

Having used a ride on mower for 7 and a half years....

and being someone who reads the instructions.

An internal combustion engine is quite happy to start and run without any oil in the sump. The trouble is it won’t do it for long, and possibly ever again.

It was a little hot in Leclerc this morning!!!!!!
The management tried to tell us that there was no oil in the machine...that

is why it is broken....so J said how comes that the machine started.

Of course he knows how to use the machine....but Leclerc are desperate not

to take responsibility.

So heated was the 5 way conversation that the security guard came over..

The fight is not over yet.

yes I agree Barbara, ré gardens, small is big, I have a Small court Yard filled with pot plants, there are some great tubs for planting around now, square, egyptian, tall & thin - all sorts, I keep to med size and it looks very attractive, mind you most of the ceramic tiles are cracked, but that’s landlady’s problem and the Small round table and chairs covergirl some of thèm, it is how they were when I arrived, so enjoy your new garden when you get it!:slight_smile: There are so many colloured accessories also. look after the gardens and your selves, take Time to enjoy it all, and you’ll soon wonder why you hadnt done it sooner and then thinking you dont have enough Hours in day again, but hopefully not for chasing reimbursements!

Thank you Brian.

Your are so right....

A smaller garden is good idea...even if we are all growing younger.

Like Shirley, I wish you well. The place you have (I have been told reliably, as you know) sounds really great and with luck you may be able to sell it as a going concern. Downsizing the garden often helps people get greater pleasure from it, so let's hope you find what you want along with the new house. As for the mower, Leclerc should act but if not you are going to have learned from experience at the worst, never to make the same mistake again.

Thank you shirely.

So hard to give up my place...and with it my work.

This year the clients have been great.

In July we had a family stay here and we have become friends.

We cooked for the current guests 2 nights ago and by the end of the evening

we had a concert in progress. We were invited back to our house for dinner last

night as their guests....

There are some wonderful people in the world.

I wish that they could teach those who are less gifted with people skills how

to do it....how to be "Nice".

good Luck with your letter and household move when it comes Barbara

yes i wish i had not bought the iPad from Auchan, having myself worked in a specialist industry I know the value of good customer service but the salesman would talk only only to the friend who took me there, in French, totally ignoring me! as it later Turned out he spoke perfect english and could have démonstrated the iPad to me, but he did’nt! not good service!

Thank you Steve.

I thought as much! But I am not intending to invest in large sums of money on


We will be downsizing some time soon and by downsizing I mean we will want a

much smaller garden. Possibly in the same region or to the east ....a little.

We have a property which is special to us and seems to be viewed by our cleints

in a similar light.....so we manage to get by and enjoy a modest but adequate life

style. I have no asperations for fancy sports cars or state of the art grass cutters.

I like to get from A to B and, sometimes to z.

Good food, great countryside .....some friends and our cats and

razmataz. from time to time.

This site gives an indication of some prices :> http://www.jardinage81.com/Catalogue/cx32,Kubota.html

Just wondered about the prices of Kobota mowers....

seen that it comes in orange and various facts and figures....

no prices.

Thank you....very much.