What mum and dad used to tell you

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Mum would say “that’s what comes from biting your nails
My mum and dad use to tell me “never accept a sweet from a stranger”. I didn’t have a clue why they were telling me that !


Yes, they said that too…

Also, “if someone worries you or is aggressive… tell them your Dad is a Policeman” … only needed to do that once or twice… but… in those days… it worked a treat…as the Police were held in awe… :open_mouth::open_mouth:


“Your hair won’t curl if you don’t eat your crusts !”

My hair is dead straight, so make of that what you will… :wink:


Don’t walk barefoot, if you walk on a needle, it will go straight to you heart an kill you :scream:


I would be about 6, walking to school one morning, and an old Lady offered me a bit of cake, when passing Her door, which I did every day, I just ran away, as instructed by me Mam.
The poor old Soul, I now think, how hurt She must have been!

Have you read, Phillip Larkins poetry?

One is perfect on this thread, “They Fuck you up, You’re Mam and Dad”, do Google it, you will laugh!

Mine was black an’ curly, avoided crusts like they were, the plauge

Hmmm…“dont treat this place like a hotel”, pre tripadvisor days otherwise I would have left a bad review :slight_smile:


:rofl: Great Dave :rofl:

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Best chuckle for a day or three Dave, thanks :+1:

“Don’t say What say Pardon” … :zipper_mouth_face:

and… “have you beeeeen?” :laughing::laughing:

now, I’m… “off up the hill to Bedfordshire”

“night, night, sleep tight… hope the bedbugs don’t bite” :open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:


Be sure your sins will find you out!

‘Don’t climb on the roof, if you fall you will die.’
I remember those words every time I’m up on a dodgy roof fixing leaks.

“Don’t come running to me if you break your leg doing that” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


“If you don’t go to bed now the 9 o’clock horses will get you”…not from my mom and dad…they never tried to scare us into doing anything…but my dad’s mom…seems to be a Leicester thing…??? x :slight_smile:

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My mother would tell me not to eat the bottom of the banana “as that’s the bit the monkeys eat”. So we’d chuck away the last half inch.

And … er… despite all compelling evidence that it’s NOT the bit the monkeys eat but is the flower stem … I’m afraid I still chuck away the last half inch. As it MIGHT have been the bit that a monkey ate!


:+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

"Clear your plate, think of all the starving children in Africa " oh, that did drive us crazy…

As I recall, when my elder brother politely volunteered to parcel stuff up if Mum could provide the address… he got a swift smack for being cheeky… :roll_eyes:



“If the wind changes your face will stay like that”.

I was a sulky child apparently and used to pull several sulky/furious faces!! :smile:

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