What next! + French number plates

In the latest e-mail from HM gov

Daily update from GOV.​UK for:


Page summary:
What UK drivers need to do to drive when visiting the EU

Change made:
From 28 September 2021, you’ll need a UK sticker instead of a GB sticker on your vehicle to drive abroad.

Time updated:
10:49am, 1 September 2021

Give up


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But on the bright side, Wetherspoons are running out of beer, food and staff!


Couldn’t happen to a nicer owner.
Project Fear is alive and well in the UK.


They better have re-stocked by the time I (hopefully) get to the UK next week. :wink:

I hate ‘Spoons and would pay good money to see Tim Martin’s cat flap being skewered with a red hot poker.

All those old pubs full of charm and character turned into bland McDonalds for pissheads.


It does seem like a dose of Karma - though apparently TM was never against freedom of movement (seems he was not quite so daft as to not know which side the bread was buttered as far as staffing his pubs went).

Wetherspoons certainly divides opinion, it has turned tired old pubs into successful ones and revitalised iconic but rundown buildings in prominent positions in many towns and cities. The flipside of course is that some pubs can’t compete and have to close which is not ideal.

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And they don’t play music… the one round the corner from our old house was a morning mecca for people in search of a good value breakfast and peace and quiet to read newspapers, in an old 1930’s hall.

Would have appealed apart from not wanting to add profits to the owner…


I was (briefly) living in Bicester when the one opened there and it was nicer than most others there!!!

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Wetherspoons is a PLC and Tim Martin owns less than 22% of the company, many private investment companies are shareholders so indirectly anyone who has an investment with one of these (ISA, unit trust etc) is part owner of the company! :grinning:

When visiting France three weeks ago we dutifully bought GB stickers to place on our car as per instructions for visiting EU since Brexit.At the terminus of Le Shuttle at Folkstone it appeared that several other car owners had done the same. All of us in the queue attempted to place said stickers on said bumpers. ( in lashing rain Summertime as per norm) However as most vehicles nowadays have plastic bumpers the magnetic pads obviously won’t stick despite everyone’s best efforts and amidst the “Dunkirk” spirit! Consequently not one of us managed to affix said plates and gave up . GB stickers stayed for entire 3 weeks in our glove compartment and nobody batted an eyelid! We also complied with EU/ U.K. instructions to arrive with paper certificates of our vaccinations and negative pre travel tests results plus current MOT certificates and insurance documents. ( the later as a precaution from reading previous Survive France comments)However upon reaching La Belle France we found we couldn’t even order a jus d’orange without a QR code!!Duly uploaded or downloaded I can never remember which , we felt confident that we really did have all necessary bits of evidence with us plus of course passports stamped and with at least six months still active. …not a flaming bit of it !The return journey was just as much hell with testing pre travel and then having to download / upload locator forms before boarding Le Shuttle with day 2 test codes retrieved from emails on the main computer!!
Now we plan to return at the beginning of October and the whole pantomime begins again BUT now we have to have U.K. stickers!!!Aggh!

Couldn’t be easier.

  • Install ‘Tous Anti Covid’ app
  • Use the app to photograph/scan your QR code proof of vaccination
  • Your pass sanitaire will be generated immediately and will be available for instant inspection

The GB vs UK sticker thing is baffling. When I read about this some weeks ago, it is the UK that has unilaterally instigated the change which has not been agreed to our accepted by the EU.

Thus the UK insists you have UK stickers outside the UK (where UK laws do not apply), whereas the EU requires you to display GB stickers.


Sounds horrendous
Can’t understand why/where this occurred… were you trying to order online ???


The UK govt are keen to ditch the GB sticker as post Brexit it now stands for Going Broke.


Not horrendous at all, super simple and what you do at any café/bar/whatever terrace now. They usually scan it when they take your order. The 4 cafés I have been to since Friday afternoon have all done it and it took about 2 seconds.


We have been taking our friend from Stroud around all sorts of places while she has been staying with us, including 3 “Forums des Associations” over the weekend and all required the QR code. She had printed out her NHS vaccination certificate while in the UK and the paper copy scanned perfectly in all the places we have been to… It was as easy as ours.


I think you misunderstand my post…

and/or I have misunderstood @Witsend2 … who knows…

I can’t understand why the "unable to order… " occurred … as it sounded as if witsend had all the paperwork necessary… which is why I asked where this occurred.

perhaps I have misunderstood her post… and she was actually missing a piece of paper…
as I can’t believe that a smartphone-App is essential to ordering juice…

How is Stroud, alive and well I hope. We really could do with the Farmers’ Market here.

The Farmers Market is continuing to thrive, I understand, although it has changed a bit and reduced in size since the council tried to sell it off to the highest bidder! Our local markets here are not the same but are very good - perhaps they are different around you?