What next! + French number plates

If you buy your number plate from a reputable firm… it will conform. :wink:
It’s their business to know what is legal…


That is undeniably true but isn’t it also a bit chicken and egg.
Decisions on what is a reputable firm tend to be based on the quality of their work and the products they supply. To make that decision one needs to be able to assess thhe quality of the product, and if you can’t tell a correct product from an incorrect one that makes it difficult.
If as hairbear says there are lots of cars going around with the department logo, and if that is required by law, then obviously a lot of people have failed to distinguish a reputable firm from a cowboy.
It can’t be that difficult a question surely, it is a yes or no answer. The law appears to me to clearly say yes, some people are saying clearly no. It is confusing.

use an “approved” supplier.

and you know they are an approved supplier because… ?
The article appears to be saying “You can buy plates online and you have a vast choice”.

But yesterday when I went into town I looked at number plates and the only ones I saw without the departmental logo were the old style ones so I remain baffled.

Here is the same link that I put on further up the thread

the suppliers will state on their website or in their place of work…
that they are approved by the state…

mind you, I noticed one approved site offering something which it admitted was not actually legal but was “tolerated”. that referred to “writing” on the plaque…
I would not want something which was “tolerated” so would actually steer clear of that.

The article goes on to say that you must be sure to buy from an approved supplier…

La première, c’est l’achat de la plaque dans un commerce spécialisé (un concessionnaire ou un garage automobile par exemple). La seconde possibilité, qui consiste à commander la nouvelle plaque sur une plateforme internet spécialisée, est la plus plébiscitée, en raison des multiples avantages qui y sont liés.

No problem, I’d misread your post 🤦, Sandcastle, but realised so deleated mine as we were saying the same thing :wink:

And it must be pop-rivetted on, not scewed on as in the UK :wink:

Absolutely… It’s all clearly stated in the various links…

(I saw no point in translating the whole lot… ) :wink:

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And how much will that cost in repainting of vehicles, changing stationery etc?
Yet again, a serious mistake by this incompetent nitwit.

And just to remove all doubts of my nerdiness, I’d like to point out that number plates do not need to be riveted to a trailer that does not require its own registration - this is so a light trailer can be swapped between vehicles easily.

I’m off to read some more fascination government legislation. Rules regarding serving alcohol in a chambre d’hôte should send me off to sleep fairly quickly…


Nah… they’ll keep you awake, translating this way and that… a big glass of something (hic) will send you nicely to sleep…

I did not even know there was a thing called Highways England. I have heard of the Highways Agency, was that renamed to Highways England or is that a different thing altogether?

Yes, announced in 2013 and officially changed in 2015. I assume the use of ‘England’ was partly to reflect that due to devolution other countries have their own agencies now, but that’s just a guess.

Yes, and then Scotland decided to have a referendum and things went downhill from there. Apparently Highways England, now UK, managed (manages) about 2% of England’s roads, so the name is even more misleading.

And UK stands for …
Unfortunately Knackered?

Yes i have purchased the ones that go your number plate from eBay a while back they where only a couple of quid guessing they will be more expensive now

Unbelievably Knackered. :grinning: