What next oh noooo

So catching up were moving to France 24 May unless of course we need to jump through any morw hoops ! The latest being even though we got our visa which required proof of residency the removal Co need a letter from Mairier saying we act ave the house before we move !! Two weeks later with the help of our estate agent we thought we got there oh no . Now a friend has to call town hall from UK, still no letter and ask ! Thought that was it oh no they have changed the form from today !!!@@@: WHY so so frustrating.

Deeep breath. Unfortunately this is what Brexit has reaped. Plus how French admin can work (not always!). You just need to keep paper gathering here until you have all you need. You’ll find similar for organising other stuff. Just a speed hump on the journey to your lovely new home xx

Nothing worth having comes easy Karen. You’ll love it here, so persevere :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks John i do hope so its a weekly issue always something