What now? France has just had it's credit rating reduced from the top AAA* position, making it more expensive for it to borrow money. What are the ramifications of this

Now that France & Austria have been downgraded from the coveted AAA* rating and Portugals' rating is now classed as 'junk status' it looks like other countries will soon follow. Is this the beginning of the end for a 'unified' Europe. Greece, it seems, is now in real trouble as talks with it's creditors has broken down. It would seem that Europe will need Germany to bail most of it out of trouble, will the Germans put up with this?

Sorry, Brian, I should have written one's opponent...

Mine too! Sounds like an affair... better both watch over our shoulders! haha :)

like I said...my OH delighted I have found an outlet...he is finding me way less argumentative with him these days... :-)

We do occasionally tease Carol, but no malice intended and she can give back as good as she gets. Playground stuff, not necessary where those of us who debate with her would wish to go. Now go on, disagree with that! Mind you we'd be off the ball again and Catharine would soon blow her whistle...


Oh, how I agree, Carol. I love the cut & thrust of lively & intelligent debate! Mind you, sometimes your opponent can resort to school playground tactics & then saying nothing says it all, leaving your peers to be the judge!

Et moi!

Yes, some members are certainly more 'special' than others.


Really??? they named it Barnet around the time I was preparing to leave....it was Middlesex in my day! I lived near Brent Bridge..went to Bell Lane School and St Marys Cof E...lived in Shirehall Lane..which now has Brent Cross at the end of it...I still have a friend living in Childs Hill.....happy days! I was back there 2 years ago...my aunt died and we went to Hendon Crem...it really hasnt changed that much at all....

like :-)

Its a test of us all how we get on with debates..personally I love them and (secretly) feel I have gained a point if my opponent loses his/her temper...naughty...but fun! am sure Brian and Christopher feel the same...having had a lifetime of 'discussions' with my other half...I feel I am really getting the hang of this now...just as well...I will run out of time soon!



I've been sufficiently chastised ... and remain un-ruffled by Brian's comments. and hope he is the same.


Reply to Jeanette's post:

Yes, some members are certainly more 'special' than others.

I absolutely agree that things should be kept polite but I have not bothered refereeing between Brain and Christopher this time. On a previous occasion when I did so, they both assured me that they were not bothered by the other's comments. But please boys, keep it civil and non-personal. Thank you. :)

As far as the use of the word bollocks goes, I would imagine that normally it would have been dealt with by the SFN profanity filter and that didn't happen on this occasion. It's hardly earth shattering is it?

As far as your post in the art thread goes Jeanette, I deleted it as I deemed it unnecessarily antagonistic.

You can never second guess how things may turn out....sit back, watch and learn...I guess is good advice for us all....

On September 5, 476 AD, the Western Roman Empire and its system of Roman government ceased to exist. On September 5, 476 AD, the baker baked his bread and Italians bought it.

In just two months the fortunes of two newly minted prime ministers, Italy’s Mario Monti and Greece’s Lucas Papademos appear to be diverging. Just maybe its the recession to Armageddon, however I'd call it the Eurozone monetary union.

Sorry Jeanette, on other posts he has been so obnoxious to people I take the bait and go for him. His Iran war thing is truly repeated on other threads and has, usually as here, nothing to do with the question and had he read the complete thread on violence in schools he might not have been as unpleasant as he became. To tell the truth, I am now so fed up with him that I shall defer in future. No offence meant. :D

Oh oh, my 40 year old has children older than our ones now, so I have an excuse for not spoiling grandchildren, but broke nonetheless.