What odds on an early Israeli strike on Iran?

Looks very ominous to me, and predictable with Bolton at Trump’s elbow and Netanyahu gagging for a war with Iran. A limited little nuclear strike on Iranian military installations and IBM bunkers is just what the world needs to close the Mueller inquiry down and smoke screen the Stormy Daniels embarrassment. Most of all to hammer home the sub-text that Obama is an African Muslim who hates America, loves terrorists, and has a much bigger button than Donald could ever dream of.


I really don’t like the way the world is going right now - I’m too old for WW III and too young not to care.

Not to mention the fact that I’d like to think my son has some kind of future.


As I’ve said before, too many ‘leaders’, with domestic prob’s, desperate for a distraction, see Maggie, a few years ago, was a Godsend for Her :thinking:

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Btw Peter, surprised it hasn’t happened before now! :thinking:

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OK I admit to not understanding all that is going on… be gentle with me, please.

I have just heard Trump saying that … “If we do nothing… (Iran)… will be on the cusp of acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapon…”

So, he does NOT do nothing…he does something… he pulls out of the Iran Nuclear Deal…

In response, Iran said it was preparing to restart uranium enrichment, key for making both nuclear energy and weapons.

Please can you tell me where is the sense in all this… :open_mouth::roll_eyes:

One word - sanctions. The US will impose it’s own sanctions against Iran again AND penalise other countries who continue to trade with the country. Trump believes that hurting Iran financially will force it to agree to tougher nuclear restrictions in the future.


Thanks Tim… phew… :roll_eyes:

Wish I was so easily reassured :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Another more Machiavelian scenario, and marginally more likely, is that Trump’s fragile ego will only get the transfusion of spunk it needs by his actually pressing the nuclear button and sending a tactical nuclear warhead on its hellish way to Tehran, ostensibly to protect God’s Chosen in Israel from the uncivilised and ungodly Muslims on their near borders.

It was noteworthy that, on America’s national day of prayer, the assembled religious who lined up to kiss the CIC’s ring didn’t seem to include a Muslim. But according to Trump, Islam hates America, so it’s beautiful for Americans to hate Muslims.

I don’t normally wish perdition on any living thing, but if ever I did, Trump would top my list of deserving nominees.


This includes some old clips of Netanyahu and trump…

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I’m sure Stella’s “phew” was related to her understanding of what is going on, not relief at the possibility of Iran accelerating its path to acquiring nuclear weapons.


Presumably, Paul, you are not yourself personally embedded in the UN and European verification teams that state categorically that Iran is in full compliance with the terms of the multinational inspection protocols to prevent Iran’s nuclear capability. If not, may we not judge your comments to be entirely without any foundation at all, and just noise? If you have any credible accreditation in this matter of weapons verification, I will eat my words. A brief mention of your latest mission to Iran, in what capacity, and of what you found that supports your assertion would be a useful starting point. And reassure us all, not least Stella.

There seems to be the same inevitability about this thirst for war that we experienced over Iraq, and it is incredible to me that people are ready to swallow the same nauseating lies from the same nauseating political mouthpieces, or their contemporary counterparts, now as then. When I see the images of vibrant cities in Syria that have been reduced to rubble, as were the cities of Iraq and imagine the same being inflicted on Iran by Trump, Netanyahu, the corrupt House of Saud, and grovelling lackeys like Boris Johnson, my mind revolts at the supremacist ideologies that fuel such heartless evil. I sometimes feel ashamed to be part of it. I have always hoped it might redeem itself, but I shall not live to experience its redemption. My hope is that it will fail, and I believe it will, and must, so that hope can grow from its a ashes.


My feeling is that the majority of human-kind are absolutely not a part of it…you me and many the world over…what else can we do except call out the injustice as we see it…stand together in solidarity with any family and every nation terrorised by the lies of a corrupt and morally perverted few…this is testimony from Syria…I see no distinction between the little ones in the background of this video and my own grand-babies…

Sleepless…hearing reports of an Israeli attack on Damascus…

China and Russia will no doubt step in to provide financial assistance to Iran…already have…billions in lines of credit…whilst China is intent on rolling out its socially exclusionary facial recognition social crediting system…you are deemed to owe a cent to the state then you will be denied travel…and anyone ringing your phone will be told that you owe a cent to the state and are not to be trusted…,meanwhile Netanyahu hosts dinner for the Japanese abes and “insults” them by providing dessert served in a shoe…whilst media reports focus on outrage comparing it to serving up a meal in a pig shaped ornamental vessel…it is not currently known how much this will effect the potential for world peace…,

Peter, as there aren’t any other Pauls contributing to the thread I assume your comment is directed towards me.

I haven’t said anything about evidence for Iran’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons.

I made a general comment regarding my view of the state of the world’s political instability (and by extension the instability of the current POTUS) and speculated as to why Stella might have said “phew”.

I have edited my reply to Bill so as to make it a bit clearer.

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World peace is a pipedream, containment of regional conflicts/crises is about the best we can hope for.


Goodness me!!! I asked for some explanation… and I got it… and I said Thank You to Timothy Cole for his reply…

To whom it may concern: Please do not make … or try to make… anything more than that … out of my reply. :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:

Let me assure you… I am not at all reassured about the situation Trump has dumped us in… :zipper_mouth_face:

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@Stella, each conflict has their own complicated web of who supports who and you need a masters to understand most of them.