What should I be reading

Hi all.

I posted this elsewhere on the SFN site and thought you might like to join in the fun:

We have been here three years now and my french is fine for general conversation (terrible grammer, of course), I watch only French TV and I can write with the aid of a spelling and grammer checker, I have so far not dared to do much reading, apart from the local paper and gardening magazines.

My new year's resolution is to start reading French literature, but which? I have downloaded the complete works of Camus and I will have a look at what Amazon has to offer for my new Kindle ebook reader. I hope there will be lots of free stuff as there is in English.

I have definately decided not to bother with childrens books or BD's, and would prefer modern language rather than classics (with classical language).

Any suggestions of where to start?


More ideas:

Some classics and popular books are published in "short, easy version "for FLE learners. CLE has a selection of that type of adaptation.

Other ideas from readers in the group?

Generally, if you are looking for a pleasant reading experience , it is best to read and try to get the general meaning of the page/ chapter without stopping too often to look up a word. Interrupting too often will hinder reading fluency and often causes frustration; however, a good balance is to read a chapter through and then choose one or two pages or paragraphs to focus on vocabulary or structures in depth. We all have our own needs when learning a language and we should operate at a (semi) comfort level yet stretching towards a higher goal .

If you are working on very specific points and strategies with a teacher then, reading will be more structured by an outside intervention; the goals will be more defined; this is one of the advantages of working with a professional. Bonne lecture à tous...

Je ne sais quoi lire!

Great topic! Here are a few ideas that I have gleaned . I hope others will add their own , we could have quite a list.

Some suggestions which were made on other sites:

Camus ( L'Etranger is a good one) ; L'élegance du Herisson; Simenon; Maupassant (short stories)

I would add: A. Gavalda, Philippe Labro ( his autobiographical writing of summers in the USA) , Marc Levy (some easy reading), Marcel Pagnol (esp.the regional writings: La Gloire de mon pere, le chateau de ma mere, le temps des secrets// Jean de Florette, Manon des sources, and the plays if you like theatre.) A. Nothomb (not always easy to follow but fairly easy style) , Boileau-Narcejac (mystery) and le Petit Prince in the lead.

There are some books which are published w/ a glossary on the left page: nice for learners , however expensive.

I also like Daniel Pennac a lot. ALso, Nicole de Buron: very easy reads.

More ideas later: I am going to the médiathèque this week and I will look ...

Bonne lecture à tous...

So much depends on the individual,but I do find the courses on Youtube can be very good particularly those from Alexa, which take verb or other construction and visually and often amusingly shows usage and context.
It is also good as it covers both visual and sound. Although deaf myself, I do believe some people are more adaptive to the visual rather than the sound, and progress differently to one or the other.
I read French (old and new) quite well, but find it difficult to follow verbal presentations. Subtitles in both English and French help me survive except in social situations where I am the proverbial ‘stunned mullett’ in both languages!
For those of a more inquisitive turn of mind, and with a more advanced written knowledge then a fascinating book from Readers Digest (in French) is ‘Merveilles et Secrets de la Langue Francaise’ where they cover both Sense and History of French words.
Not really for beginners though I have to admit.

I took out a free subscription to a monthy gardening magazine… when we first arrived… and I found it very useful both in info and helping me with the language.

As soon as the feebie bit finished I cancelled the rest, but I had a full year’s supply and still refer to them occasionally… they’re in the backof a cupboard somewhere now… OH wants me to chuck them out, but I keep moving/rehiding them.

Likewise with a cookery magazine… although with those, I have moved most on to friends (French and Brits)… and only kept my favourites…