What sounds echo around your neck of the woods

“The Nightjar”

From the comfort of our terrace…I’ve often heard this secretive bird… sounds really odd, like a car that won’t start… (to me at any rate…)

not that I want harm to come to any living thing… but I would have been pleased to help… at least I could have seen one close-up.

We have an owl that clearly has circadian rhythm issues as it starts hoot in the afternoon.

The bird that cracks me up every time I hear it starts off all tuneful like a blackbird and then goes all Death Metal at the end of it’s call.

now that… is definitely Next-Door’s little van… :rofl:

Seriously, have you identified it yet ???

Not yet.

Song starts off Aled Jones and ends all Lemmy Killmimster.

Black redstart? They have red flashes in their tails.

The Black Redstarts always remind me of the start of a fax call…


We have many woodpeckers and Cuckoos, cute in the spring, wearing very thin by this time of the year.

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I love the little black redstarts, we have a family of them in the garden, they love sitting on my washing line!

Tree frogs at the moment. Can be quite noisy at night! Love to see them though.


I feel very sad that I’m soooo clueless about the bird noises! I grew up with Galahs and Cockatoos, they are very easy to ID :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Get Bird Net - just brilliant!



I’m clueless too - and failing hearing doesn’t help - but I can recognise tawny owls now! Whe had several calling to each other last night. So lovely to hear…

The other noticeable sound at night is the cows chewing grass in the field next door. It’s very quiet here :smiley:


Lying in the hot tub last night, 38C watching the planes, stars, satellites overhead, owls hooting/ shreeking and the dog farting :yum::laughing:

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What a lovely topic, because it gives me the opportunity to vent my wrath. Not about birds and the early morning chorus – no problem at all with them. Human generated noises!

The most annoying sound for me was a neighbour who kept his moped in a barn opposite my house. The barn door was exactly opposite my bedroom window. A distance of about 8 metres.

He had started an early morning shift to supplement his farming income. He left for work at 3.30am every morning and would then begin his regular routine of kickstarting his moped. It never started first time because he never maintained his moped – waste of money according to him. His sister told me he’d ruined several engine driven lawnmowers (and a tractor!) by not maintaining them.

Over time I started waking up counting the number of kickstarts before the moped would start! So, I had a word with him and suggested he walk his moped to the tarmac road just 20 metres further along the stone chemin where he could start pumping away at will. He did so, but then I heard from another neighbour who lived on the corner of the tarmac road who told me he’d started waking up counting the number of kick-starts every morning!

I think around 100 kick-starts was the record.

But having become sensitized I could still hear the kickstarting 20 metres away and thought about the other poor neighbour counting! Hey ho!

And would you believe it! One day this kick-starting neighbour knocked on my door at 9.00am and asked If I could give him a lift into town to the moped shop. I asked when, he said now. I asked why. He had kickstarted his moped to death - the kickstart pedal to be precise. He had broken it and needed a replacement.

Being a model neighbour, I obliged but have now forgotten how it all ended, but it ended one way or another, thank goodness.


Of course it was…

The dog in the village, about 1km, barking its life away. Soon, please. Depends if the wind has any east in it. If not, it doesn’t impinge unless one ‘hears it’ suddenly. We’ve had quite a period of cool easterlies so the dog is more audible. The immediate neighbours must be going crazy.

The cheerful chirruping of the mob of sparrows that lives in the boundary hedge 5m away - I like that. Woody Woodpecker - heard but not seen. More owl noise of late - fab.

Next door has a couple of kid goats. I think they bring the inthe back of the car, with the dog. When they’re here, they bleat non-stop. The child makes the same sort of noise. She is in the ‘screamer’ category.

Ah! Just started up - the pealing of the church bells. A wonderful sound.

Figs are starting to fall off the trees at the back door. Sadly with the heat and the figs our 2 noisy roosters are making FAR too much noise too close!

Our poodle will bark at anything (we are trying to train her not to). Possibly the worst barking is when she barks at something/anything and then hears another dog barking. However, we live at the bottom of a rocky gorge and, in spite of being very intelligent in other respects, she’s actually responding to the echo of her own bark. If one doesn’t intervene this can go on for some time…

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