What Sport do you do to keep fit?

We are told, so often, that Sport is good for us… no matter what our age… :open_mouth::roll_eyes::thinking:

At the moment it’s Football/Rugby/Basket/Hockey… which is not on for many of us…


I jog up and down stairs… Just wondering what you folk do to keep in shape…

I take to my velo, suitably equipped with my fluorescent gillet in case I am mistaken for a deer. :fearful:
Also as my house is on 3 levels there is a lot of jogging up and down the stairs too.


I took uo running about 8 years ago. Not quick and not far - 5km 3 times a week but its the best thing I have done since giving up smoking. The feeling after a run in the heat in France is fantastic!

Recommend the “Couch to 5k” and “Run Fat Bitch, Run!”


Are there special ‘tracks’ where you are Guy ? The reason I ask is because I often see runners here on the country roads, there are no footpaths and it seems dangerous.

At the risk of starting an argument I have to say I do triathlons and long distance swimming. The best method of keeping in shape is to not eat as if it is going out of fashion! I would add, before the comments start, that keeping in shape is what you asked!

Fitness has been my life for , well all of my life. 100k bike rides are the norm as are 2K swims. Running is a bit iffy but I manage.

I could boast but fear the comments!!!

Ken many of us do things that we could boast about but others chose not to do so. I really don’t understand the comments in your post. I’m always in awe of people who do triathlons because although I’ve been a good cyclist and runner I’ve never been any good at swimming.

I find the best way to keep my current shape is to spend long periods of time on the sofa. Works a treat. :grin::wink:


Hi Ken… it would be interesting to hear more about your sporting stuff. No need to be wary… just tell us of your experiences.

Where do you do the triathlons… ??

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Keeping to a healthy weight and being fit are two entirely different things. Even the phrase “keeping in shape” doesn’t necessarily mean one’s silhouette and can refer to being fit. I know many people who have a normal BMI, but have no muscle tone a rubbish cardiovascular level and the energy levels of a 95 year old. Equally some fit people can pack away unhealthy junk seemingly with no problem (yet).

The MD of my last company did triathlons, long distance running, mountain climbing etc. Fit as a butchers dog? Might have looked the part but had a heart attack at 55 at the start of a race.


Totally agree Jane, i am 6ft 3" 17 stone lift weights, play Rugby & Tennis but according to the BMI index i am obese!!!

BMI is a bit rubbish if your weight is all muscle. Actually I take that back - it’s a lot rubbish.

Why would saying that risk starting an argument?

Nothing to understand. I do Triathlons and long distance swimming. I also do other events should I list them then it would seem I am boasting and I wouldn’t want that.

You shouldn’t, in my view, be in awe of triathletes. genetics plays a major part and I am, fortunately, able to do all three events. If you want to do a triathlon then you are two parts there. Work at the swimming it just takes dedication.

I’m just being cynical. Almost anything I say seems to set people off!!

I think my sporting achievements have been pretty fair, swimming was never a real interest. I spend a lot of my time on the water, I’ve never really liked being in it.
It’s interesting that you are now saying genetics is important as you seemed to disregard it completely when you were sharing your beliefs about being overweight.

Exercising the wrist lifting the wine glass and selecting the next chocolate.


Ok, just for you! I was the London Fire Brigades first Physical Training Instructor. I studied at Leicester, University, The Army Physical training Corps, the Prison service and under Britains weight lifting coach.
I have climbed Kilimanjaro, swam the Alcatraz-San Francisco bay swim several times. You may know the GR10, GR5 and the GR20 I have done them all, with a rucksack and rough camping. I am a canoe instructor, weight lifting Instructor, athletics coach, football referee, Hold every life saving award in water as well as being a swimming Instructor.
I do the St Pée sur Nivelle and St Jean de Luz triathlons each year, oddly enough in the St Jean de Luz tri this year I did the fastest time I have ever done a triathlon in my life.
I have also done many ultra runs both here in the Pays Basque and the U.K. varying between 30 and 50 miles, you can work out the equivalent kilometers.
Despite the arrogance of it it is why I know what I’m talking about when it comes to fitness and nutrition.
Enough, I could go on but it would sound as if I’m boasting!!!


Well done… sounds as if you have had a wonderful life… :open_mouth:

I found that during my years lecturing on the subject of fitness and nutrition there were people you could do nothing with. They want to argue and resist advice. They were usually fat and unfit. despite my patience with them they continued to argue silly points.

I am fit, slim and hopefully healthy. I would wager that most of those who want to nit pick and argue are fat and unfit. They don’t want to listen, so be it; it’s their heart attack, not mine!