What Sport do you do to keep fit?

I still do. My life isn’t over yet!

didn’t mean anything adverse…

You do have a way with words.

You should do ultras like my schoolfriend Audrey, she did the North and South Pole ultras, the Volcano marathon in the Atacama desert, the Gobi ultra in Mongolia and she’s just back from a run in Tunisia. She’s done others but those are just the last couple of years.
I expect she would do more, especially as she raises thousands for Alzheimer research but with a job and children it’s not her priority.


For someone who complains about “sly”, back-handed comments you are pretty good at handing them out, aren’t you.

Graham’s comment is out of order as well.

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I find what I do time consuming enough. Cutting the grass is beyond me some days!

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And I didn’t take it so I assure you. It’s the power of words isn’t it?

No, just personal and insulting which seems par for the course where you are concerned.

I am sorry that this thread has descended into this farce, as you are obviously enthusiastic regarding your physical fitness it might have been one where your contributions could have been valuable - but they weren’t.

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Ken, can you be fit and overweight?

Isn’t that because you are?

Depends a little what you mean by overweight - however you can certainly be fit enough to (say) do a triathlon while also carrying excess fat.

When BMI was god they had problems with police service recruiting because they would get candidates who did weights, played rugby etc. They were technically overweight but very fit and would have made excellent bobbies but were being sent off to loose weight before they could join

Of course you can. As someone else pointed out the two are not necessarily related. What is pertinent is that should you be overweight it becomes more difficult to gain fitness. And before someone else jumps in, you have to think and ask yourself "what is fitness’? I will answer it for you!
Fitness is many components: Strength, speed, flexibility, endurance and the rather more vague VO2 uptake. No doubt you could think of other things that make up an athlete but that is what fitness essentially is. Someone who runs ultra marathons isn’t fit in that sense. A weightlifter isn’t necessarily fit either. If I had to try and define someone I think is as near the perfect fitness animal I would say a well trained rugby player. Fitness isn’t one component.

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Have you thought of helping others to benefit from your knowledge and expertise… perhaps the local youngsters/football team… that sort of thing… ???

Year around surfing. ( couch-)


So someone who runs ultra marathons isn’t as fit as an athlete according to our resident expert . Shame that your friend wasted her life bringing children into the world, holding down a job, caring for a home and raising money to help others, otherwise she could have been a great athelete and superwoman to boot ! :wink:


What do you teach?
I used to train my cadets for the 10 Tors event, very fit young men they were.

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Yes I was somewhat taken aback by that but what would I know about fitness, eh. She is deffo superwoman in my book :blush:


10 Tors… that takes me back… we lived in Devon for a few years and a friend used to exhaust me with her tales of the 10 Tors… :wink:

Dartmoor was a wonderful place on a sunny day… but very grim in bad weather…:zipper_mouth_face: