What that shyster Zuckerberg is currently exercised about :-)

Apple have been blocking app developers from tracking iThing users by use of each device’s Unique Device Identification (UDID) since iOS 6.

And if you don’t want Apple to collect totally anonymous data that helps them to spot app crashes and iOS issues, you get to decline that during new device setup.

Of course, unless you use end to end encryption for all your calls and messages, your network operator could listen and read all of them though audio record of voice calls isn’t usually enabled unless the security services have requested it as even a single day’s recordings would take up exabytes of storage.

They also have your browsing history, whether you delete it locally or not.

A good argument for always using a VPN Guy.

I think the ad’s good because it shows, in an amusing way, exactly what’s happening. As you wander around the Web you’re picking up more and more bottom feeding hangers on, and it really annoys me. One might have been checking Amazon for a pair of shoes and weeks later an ad for the same shoes pops up when you’re reading a newspaper on line. The invasion of privacy is outrageous.

Have you noticed the new cookie selection screens. Some sites ask do you want no cookies, only the required cookies, all cookies or to select the ones you want. That’s good, one click ad you’re done. Sneaky sites only give the all cookies or select cookies option so that you have to faff around selecting what you do and don’t want. So, in line with the letter of the regulations but not the spirit. I’d say most people just click “all cookies”.

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These days, if there’s not a “reject all cookies” button I tend not to use that site. Makes me laugh (sadly) when they say they respect your privacy!


I agree Mark - no “reject all” button, no visit!


Others, like the Daily Mail or the BBC, give you a massively long list of advertisers that you pretty much have to deselect explicitly. Definitely a wear you down approach, as most people simply can’t be bothered.

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In France there’s new legislation says a website must make it as easy to opt out as to accept.

But it seems this news has not reached all sites particularly foreign ones

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Yes, many (but not all) FR news sites now have either a “Continue without accepting” button, or a “Refuse All” button.

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They do indeed. Ireally do like the “refuse all” button BUT this sneaky arrival on most sites of “legitimate interest” which seems to bypass the refusal :thinking: of normal cookies - does “Refuse all” include these as well?