What the bloody hell are they playing at now?

Honestly, makes me embarrassed to have a UK passport. I hope this doesn’t get out in the French press.


It’s not going to improve matters, is it? :worried:


No, not even slightly. :rage:

This article goes into the negative culture at the Home Office.

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this is an attack on Pritti and by extension on the Tories. I note that luckily so far both sources are The Guardian.

The least they could have done was wait till after 30th June so everyone here could get their applications in :slight_smile:

Sorry karen, are you saying the articles are untrue :thinking:

I’m saying there are 2 sources quoted and they’re both The Guardian.

well, everyone else is in Doris’ pockets :grinning:


Patel is awful, are you saying that you support her?

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H*ll no.
And after I saw the other side of life in the UK I became quite the Guardian fan.

But you have to look at it analytically. As in not just… is it true. But also (whether true or not) …Why now?

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Glad to hear it - yes it is rather an attack on Patel, and on May as well. Deserved in both cases.

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Lowers my propensity to visit UK ::

The Guardian seems actually to be piggybacking on a story that someone posted on here last week…

If you’re not of a nervous disposition I recommend the article on the UK Home Office Paul linked above. I was particularly struck by a couple of bits…

Windrush was not unique – it is simply better known than other recent scandals. How many people are aware that a policy of detaining asylum-seekers that a court ruled unlawful in 2015… resulted in as many as 10,000 people being wrongly deported, some most likely to their deaths? Or that as many as 1,700 people, mostly from former Commonwealth countries in Africa and south Asia, were stripped of their rights for historic discrepancies on their tax returns, some amounting to as little as a few pounds?

I wonder how many of us immigrants to France could be caught out by small omissions on our tax returns, if France adopted a similar draconian policy?
And how do we feel about the state only allowing people to marry who they choose (and stay in the country) if they are rich enough?

Ruhena Miah, a British citizen, spent two years appealing against a Home Office decision to deny her husband, who is Bangladeshi, a visa because she didn’t meet the minimum income requirement of £18,600 (a threshold that effectively excludes about 40% of the British population from marrying someone from overseas).


An utter shit, if you don’t mind me saying so. Someone who owes everything to Britain welcoming immigrants and giving them opportunity who now wants to pull up the drawbridge. Despicable.


Have you guys been following the ‘attestation d’accueil’ discussions by the way?
It seems visitors from the UK might be asked at the border to show proof of health insurance, sufficient resources, and accommodation booked - or if they are staying with family or friends an attestation d’accueil (30€ from the Mairie).

Don’t you just love brexit?

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I think that we should not only be concerned about whether we should get our applications in for a CdS before the 30th June as their is clearly a failing between what is published by the Government and what is being interpreted by the Border Force.
As UK citizens should we not be concerned how this Government is treating decent people who want to come and live and work in the UK.
By chance, I am reading a book called ‘The Peat Dead’ by Allan Martin, investigating the finding of five bodies in a peat bog on Islay.
However, it talks about the Government of the day, ie. nowadays, introducing 'Britishness 'into everyday life and anyone coming for more than 90 days, including foreign students, has to undergo a test similar to that required now for British citizenship.
Is this a foretaste of what is to come?

If the British government does that it would disbar me from entry as I have tried the ‘Britishness test’ and failed dismally on several occasions - despite having been born in, educated in, and lived in the UK for nearly 60 years…


You are not the only one Brian.

Probably the whole of Doris’ cabinet would fail it too including himself :wink:

“This is not the same country I grew up in, the same country that I have left to travel the world several times, that I have always raved about, felt proud of and looked forward to returning to. This is not the same country that my husband entered 13 years ago and decided to stay and dedicate his career to, have a family and build a life in.”