What the "F" is FAF (Fonds d'assurance formation)

I have received a letter from RSI with regard to this (is it a scam one thinks). I believe it is asking me for money 25.21 with regard to my contributions exercised in 2013. This is for training yes? For whom I ask - it cannot be for me as they do not even understand what I do - what is transcription they ask. They do not understand that I produce no written paperwork in my job, or that I do not have to safely dispose of ink cartridges - because I do not use a printer. How can they possibly offer me any training and if it is for training other people - why should I pay for it - do they not have enough of my money?

Right, the annual statement. Of course.

I think you'll find it is telling you that you have contributed 25.21 to the training fund, not asking for an additional amount.

By chance, I have just paid URSSAF this morning. I had €8 stopped as my contribution to professional training. I know I pay it, don't question it and since I am no longer eligible for training although I work just let it go. I suppose I pay about €30 a year, hardly worth trying to get back if one could. The amount sounds just about right and real, so check if you are worried Patsie.

Everyone has to contribute to a formation fund, regardless of the fact that so few do any! Post the letter you've received and then we can comment more. From memory, I left the AE regime a couple of years ago, you usually pay a % of turnover each quarter for formation. Now in the mainstream, I get an attestation each year that I've paid and am up to date. Keith's links below take you straight to the official detail ;-)