What the French really think about Zemmour

I’m sure many on SF have already seen this, but if you haven’t, it’s hilarious


I simply cannot understand all Zemmour’s groupies and handmaidens, quite extraordinary how misogynistic those women are. And stupid, but that is obviously a value-judgment on my part. EZ himself is such a nasty creep egging is too good for him.


It’s been quite funny watching on the notice boards around our villages, posters go up for Zemmour and the next day there is the same guy pasting other candidates posters over the top, he does not stick to anyone candidate just as long as he covers up his stupid face :laughing:


Couldn’t happen to better candidate than “ratface”. Awful man.


What I don’t understand is the fact that Zemmour’s conservative misogyny most closely resembles that of the conservative Muslim cultures that he professes to hate. If the man can’t resolve that very fundamental and obvious contradiction, he’s not fit to be in charge of un étal de bulots, let alone a country!

<< Mais oui, les bulots n’est pas halal, mais ils sont une bonne tradition française… hmm…>>

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Mais oui, les bulots ne sont pas halal. Les lièvres non plus, mais il est utilisé comme tel!

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Long way to go on French grammar! I’ve a big French vocab, but often make that sort of elementary mistake.

Nevertheless, whether singular or plural, whelks are certainly my least favourite shellfish (and that includes oysters, which unfortunately if I ever ate them again, would possibly kill me).

Whelks in a sea of vinagar lots of pepper, Ummm food of the Gods!
I’ve just put whelks on Mrs. W shopping list.

I hope, that for the sake of domestic harmony that she has been forewarned…

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Like eating oysters too! Mrs W did until she had a dodggy one, now if she ate another it’ll probably kill her.
Another sea food I enjoy is called violet or figue de mer, found in the Med.