What the ....?

Just read this as part of the T&C on another ‘French’ site and no, I’m not going to tell you which! But for goodness sake, grow up kids…

If you violate the laws of France or United Kingdom and/or the terms of use of the Service you forfeit your privacy rights over your personal information.

Sorry James…couldn’t help laughing. Is there no easier way than the roof. When you’ve had some practice I was thinking about taking off the roof tiles on our house to put some felt. 200 square metres…interested?

Its brilliant isn’t it.

I wouldn’t worry about being under the patio - nephew Charlie has gone off to work about 100 km away with the key to James’ nerve center / workshop. Meester Higginson is currently removing roof tiles to break in and is planning to murder nephew later today. So he will be the first to be part of the new garden design …

“If you have any information about committed or preparing acts of terrorism, please contact the Russian Federal Security Service, call:(495) 224-22-22” Translated from the site. ROTFL

My Russian is not up to scratch. Pleeeeese don’t get James involved. Now I know why he has the digger. Oh and I noticed you wrote an article on concrete. Hmmm don’t want to find myself as part of your new patio.

@ Stu http://www.fsb.ru/

"Meester Stuart, I am glad you decided to cooperate and reset your password. Sorry I mean profile photo. Otherwise the despotic (sorry I mean democratic) people’s republic ruler, Meester Higginson, would have been forced to get involved.

The crumpet recipe will be left at a drop later today."

@ Tony - quite sure the owner is an OK person - most people are and as a franchisee, they may not have much option. My point was simply that these T&C are ridiculous and OTT. I’m quite sure that when an SFN member (maybe Lucinda H later this morning after her post on Anglo I), runs amok with a meat cleaver and Interpol come knocking on my door, demanding her email, I’m sure there will already be adequate provision under International law without James and I having written our own.

IMHO - most of these sites T&C’s are designed to cover their backs should they decide to randomly ban users, pull posts, delete content etc and 99% of the time, this is due to their fear of competition. They have a half baked idea that mention of what they see as the ‘competition’ will draw users away from their site, whereas the reverse is

I need to brush up… FSB?

Who’s got the franchise?

Maybe they have been watching the latest series of Spooks and now think they are the FSB…

No seriously…“choses pour dire putain” and I just did…sorry

@ Nikki _ I would imagine it is highly dubious ground and arguable.
@ Tony - I think you made the right decision!

mmmm is that in itself actually legal?