What to do with tea towels in the kitchen?

This is such a silly, small thing when there’s so much “big stuff” going on at the moment, but I was in our kitchen this morning and reminded that when we designed it we completely forgot to solve the “what to do with tea towels?” question. So now, they hang over the backs of chairs, get looped over the handle of the stove (but that makes them too far from the sink) or lie in an untidy heap on the kitchen table.
If I was designing our kitchen again I’d start with the tea towels and have a warm slide-out “hanging cupboard” with rails right next to the sink - needs the heat to dry them out.
Without such a solution, has anyone found a way of dealing with them that doesn’t make the kitchen look untidy?

We have a piano, so they hang and dry there.

But we also have a magnetic hook on side of fridge… or you could get over door hooks that slot over cupboard doors.

they need washing often as they harbour germs and attract flies
there is always a place to keep

We have a nice modern stainless steel rail fixed on the side of a base unit, to the left of the sink. And I change and wash them often.

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What’s a “piano” Jane?

I get out clean ones every day and once used they go in their basket in my laundry room. Otherwise they go on a rail under the hob. I just have an untidy kitchen.

This is the other Jane replying, but we also have a piano.
It is what we call in English a range.
Mine hang on the rails along with my oven gloves.

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There’s a lovely rail on the Aga, great for tea towels.


Stick on handles inside a door under the sink… not that I ever put them back.

You can get stick on handles easily and cheaply and for tea towels they’re more than strong enough

And bum warming.


We used to have these (when we were kids), always called them the "cats arse":joy:


That’s it! I couldn’t for the life of me remember the word…

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I hang mine over the oven door handle

The tea towel (hanging on a hook attached to the tiles adjacent to the kitchen sink with a smack-it-on suction pad) is the only fabric I can rely on to clean my spectacles (having dangled them briefly in the sudsy wash-up water, but not after a greasy meal, mind you), without scratching the fook out of the lenses that cost me nearly 300 quid in 2012.

There are dainty dinky little squeeze-on ringlets that can be put on loop-less towels, to hang them up with.

Here they are, the little darlings. Always happy to oblige with a sweet pinch! :hugs::rose:

And one of the bottom ovens is just the job for feet or cats or a tiny lamb that needs warming up and bottle feeding

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The best thing I have found so far for my specs is one of those microfibre cloths that look a bit like mini towelling, available in packets of 5 in supermarkets.

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I have a special purple glass cloth that I buy from Lakeland which is ideal.



How very, very charming! :poop::scream::nauseated_face:

Just tried one out. Absolutely super, completely smear free and sparkling clear! :nerd_face::eye:

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