What to Plant Now

This sounds like I am about to offer pearls of wisdom on the gardening front - I am not!

I want to do mainly container gardening as it is easier for me to manage - especially with the weeds.

Any tips on what to plant now?

I want to make a start and as we are almost into April, a bit of advice would be most appreciated.

Also I have a tub of sorrel that keeps going, going, going. Lovely lemony taste to it - good for fish sauces and soup of course.

I’d forgotten beetroot, and I love it. Thanks!


Try this for some info Helen, but I have recently sown; peas, beetroot, carrots, courgettes, chillis, aubergine, lettuce. With the exception of the peas everything has been in the little greenhouse, but a warm window sill would work as well.

thanks for that link - I will take a look!
Any thoughts on veggies?

Last year I bought some alstromerias from Promesse des Fleurs , they flowered for months and they have returned this year, even though I forgot to put fleece on the pots. Just need a bit of protection from snails, excellent! I buy most of my plants from P d F, you can be sure of having the colours you want and they’re all delivered in perfect condition, direct to your door.

Most herbs make wonderful pot displays and now’s the time to plant them. They’ll grow quickly, attract the bees and butterflies and you can use them in the kitchen of course! The choice is endless but I would consider putting some evergreen in with them so that you have structure all year round. Creeping thyme is good for the base as it spreads so that the weeds are inhibited and it is low so you can have others choices complimenting it. It will alos eventually hang over the container and look superb. Hope this is useful and happy planting :slight_smile: