What Weather!

Having just returned from a wonderful lunch at Le Logis de Pompois, I am feeling very satisfied all round.
In fact, life couldn’t get much better.
I do have one small complaint though – why, oh why is the weather so bad?
It is the 6th April today, and the temperature is hovering around the 5 degree mark – hardly what one might call the seasonal norm you might say.
Sadly, complaints of this nature have no destinaire as they say in France – no-one to whom you can vent your spleen and have a good old moan.
After all, there is nothing like getting it out there, all that pent up anger and frustration when yet another grey day dawns.
All we have to fall back on is the good old British sense of optimism when it comes to bad weather:
Tomorrow is another day, and there is always the possibility that the sun will shine and the rain will stop.
I guess I’ll just have to settle with that, and toss another log onto the fire.

It was grey this morning here in 71,but we have a watery sun at last.

It is still cold though. It says 10 on our weather station, but that is not taking into account the cold wind.

We have until Saturday before we can think about having lunch on the terrace.

It's just so GREY here - such a shame with the light nights as well - fab to have the long days back, but still holed up indoors most of the time - ugh!

It was horrible here too. I walked my dogs twice, but actually have been confined to my bed(room, but don't tell OH) with some kind of food poisoning and was shivering with a fan heater blasting at me much of the day. It's really taters!