What will happen with the European Elections?

Our Mayor reminded us yesterday to register to vote in the European Elections.
We will still, just, be in the EU on election day.
I think it is up to all of us to go and use our last vote, for the time being, to vote for a candidate who wants to stay in Europe.
There is a similar movement in France and , if you believe in Europe, this could be your last chance to have your say.
It will be interesting to see what will happen if Article 50 is suspended, which is one of the options and the UK remains in Europe, but without any representation.

And… Everyone who got themselves Registered on the French Electoral Roll by the 31st December 2018… will be sent a Voting Card, by the Commune in which they are Registered… prior to the European Elections this year.

Let’s hope everyone who is eligible… gets out and Votes… :thinking:

Yes indeed, I have done so for many years.

A lot of folk can’t be bothered, but that’s their choice …

Absolutely, Ann… many folk do not Vote (all nationalities)… their choice… (yet, often amongst the most vocal, complaining about one thing or another…) :zipper_mouth_face:

There are now a number of other nationalities who have settled in our commune.

I am the only one registered, every time I vote its commented on, discreetly I might add :wink:

Once outside the hall some of the locals do ask why my ‘compatriots’ don’t vote !

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I do my best each year… rallying the troops before the Deadline… some come forward, others do not (for whatever reason)… but we have quite a number of Non-French who are Registered and DO vote . :hugs:

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2018 Stella, that is too late.
Why would our Mayor be reminding us if it is too late?

I have always used my vote in UK.
Sir Graham Watson my ex MEP , was exceedingly helpful in my battle with the French health authorities and I would have found it impossible to carry out such complicated discussions in French.
Obviously, that option is, at the moment, not open to me.

I too have always voted where possible.

I have read the history of how women suffered to get the vote and take control of their own lives, I consider that it’s the least I can do.
It’s apalling how many women in today’s world still do not have the right to vote and are totally subjugated by men’s rule ! :cry:

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I’ve no idea what your Mayor means… the rules are quite clear. 31st December is the deadline.

I did a Thread about this in November 2018…

It was made very clear to us by the Mairie that our form must be in by the end of December. We sent what we could, whether we will be on the electoral roll I don’t know. Daresay we’ll find out when it is time to vote.

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My commune hasn’t sent me a card in the 9yrs of being on the electoral roll. I’ve always popped into vote with my passport & sometimes after some searching the officials have found the right book for non french voters to sign.
If anyone has previously enrolled, its not something one has to do each year, unless you’ve changed address.

Though saying that I did have a card when enrolled in Paris.

I am amazed.

I’ve been present at many Elections… everyone on our Register gets sent a Voting Card… although they don’t all remember to bring them.

The Voter’s Card bears a number, which will tie-up with the Number & Name in the Electoral Register… that Voters sign … when plopping their Vote into the Ballot Box.

It is quite usual for non-French Voters to be in a separate Register…and I’ve no idea why they would need to search for it… it should be there, on the table… :thinking:

We are already on the Electoral Roll, but do we have to re-register?


If you are already registered to vote in France… (ie on your local Electoral Roll)… you are just fine… NO need to renew.

(Should you move to another Commune… you would Register there and cancel the old Registration…)

No probs then.