What will you be doing on New Year's Eve?

Myself i will be with my family having a light french meal with Champagne and turning up the music to dance as long as possible with my children and grandchildren.

And what about YOU?

Happy New Year to you all. Off to bed to read a David Lodge novel. Used to see him every day in the Arts Fac at Birmingham University my one brush with literary celebrity.

Did that with my two, be warned, it really is for kids...

Took one of mine to see Le Hobbit last night, she demanded the dvd in English immediately, which is not possible, because she has read the book and this first part of the story is not identical to that. I think she wants to see the new year in doing a thorough analysis of what is different. Some fathers (and mothers) do have them!

Sitting perhaps with a glass of red wine or a Baileys and a cat or three in front of the wood burner with the TV mumbling in the background while the 8 year old is snoring peacefully in his bed and thinking 'blimey, nearly a year here already, must remember to bring more wood in tomorrow'. I hope you all have a raucous one and wishing us all health, happiness, success and less paperwork in 2013.

Dear Carol !

I will be with friends and their teenagers dancing with electro and 80's music and to eat all the christmas rests !!

Happy new year !

Claire from Provence Hand Made

Is anyone spending it on their own and not looking forward to it, I wonder???????

We usually look around for a Reveillon Supper and Party at a local hotel/restaurant but being in rural France the choices are few and far between. But they usually get round to the meal quite late ie. 9.30 ish and last year the disco didn't turn up! (We may be in our early 60s but we do like to make fools of ourselves occasionally on the disco floor!). Anyway this year we've decided to have a quiet night at home, have a nice meal (something different like guinea fowl), watch a bit of telly/listen to some old 70s rock ballards, have a bottle of nice wine/champagne and float off to bed whenever it suits us. We're going to have some friends round for lunch on New Years Day, again have something different like roast duck with plums, and a nice farce/stuffing. Whatever you're doing - Happy New Year to one and all on SFN.

I think the only thing which is sure is that any situation will change, eventually, it may be better it may be worse but it will certainly be different!! My parents were teriffic once they understood and my Dad was really upset that he hadnt known how unhappy I was. So all is well!!!I think men are more logical, less sentimental than us, they see in straight lines, we see too many shades of emotional colour sometimes! Ok before every one jumps on me that is a gross generalisation! It was a hard passage for me, and without my mum being there it would have been SO much worse! For some reason, possibly the cat sitting on my head, I was awake at 3.30 this morning and found myself thinking about the idea of lessons learnt this year, it really is quite interesting! I htink I need to write it down so I can see if they are really taken on board or just passing thoughts, see if they stick with me all this year!

we are having a party at home for 15 people,busy day tomorrow preparing!

We moved to France in 2009....and our first New Year we were living in our holiday apartment in St Cyprien, Languedoc...we drove 3 miles up the road to Canet Plage and enjoyed one of the best New Year celebrations we had ever enjoyed....live singing...the whole town appeared to be in the square in front of the beach, entire families with young children and babies..fairground rides and drinks and food....amazing fireworks could be seen all along the coast to Collioure....it was fabulous....lots of dancing...a few gently inebriated gents...in their mid thirties decided to do a striptease (it was probably around -3 degrees and snowed around this time).....to lots of clapping they removed all items to their underpants...then ducked out to huge applause...great night...great fun....wonderful memories...

First New Year in Scotland...though did enjoy a fantastic Burns Night in Edinburgh some 20 years ago. Im not much of a drinker, dont drink wine and only occasional spirits....prefer a couple of pints..but thats my lot...so this will be fun!

You'll be in for a fine time Carol, though it could go on for days......Scottish tradition!! Have a good one, as they say in these parts....

we are catching the train to Inverness tomorrow at 12 midday and will be enjoying a proper Scottish Hogmany with future in laws.....they are holding a party with 100 plus coming...so a lively evening...and a visit to Inverness centre where I gather they have pipers for a couple of hours spanning New Year....there is snow on the hills around Inverness...and its freezing Im told....4 glorious days in Scotland...big family New Years Day meal....excellent...wishing you all a wonderful New Year wherever you are spending it....and I think the whole world could do with a better year than 2012!

Not Jules Holland maleueusement as OH can't stand him, but the wine will be flowing, hopefully. Couldn't agree more with the last one!!

We live in the south on the top of a small hill. At midnight we go out and watch all the fireworks of the distant towns and villages all around us - it's lovely!

Can't go out - too expensive and far too many disgruntled cops on every roundabout, although I drink very little. We can see the closest across the fields, watch them laying in wait every holiday period.

Wherever you are, I wish you all the best for 2013 and abundance a-plenty!

I live in the wonderful neighborhood of Toulouse Mirail where they really know how to "allumez le feu" on the St.Sylvestre. From what I've heard it's often people who burn their own cars for the insurance.

Banging on pots is good for the soul. I see it as my New Years primal scream. Happy New Year!

shhhh, we'll be going to 'The Underground Restaurant' in Kilburn (hubby does not know only that he's paying and yes he's very brave)....so that could be a very interesting evening!

But we'll certainly make sure that Jools' Hootenanny' will be on the box to be seen shortly after recording....

Then we look forward to what will hopefully be a much better year for lots of us, including our daughter coming back from yet another long stay in Oz, but also very much it's likely to be a make or break year, as to whether we'll find ourselves in la belle Provence for a little more than just those short visits to our lovely place there,and we need to sell our lovely place to make our B&B happen - so if any buyers out there let us know....so watch this space as they say, as a lot could happen in 2013.... ;)

and on the note withing you all a Happy New Year....and let it be a good one for us all.... ;)

PARTY, PARTY, PARTY !!!!!! ♫♬♭♬☀✓

I will make a rare visit to British TV and like Brian will watch the Jools Holland show . Never really liked New Years Eve - too many memories of lost friends and comrades and failed promises and hopes that never seem to reach fruition and I have definitely given up expecting everything to change for the better because of a new number at the end of the date . However on the plus side some champers ,good wine and brandy will help me slip into the New Year toasting absent friends and looking forward to another great year in France