What would 'Mrs T'have done, I wonder?

'Methinks there could be 'trouble at mill'...just around the corner, for the French government et M. Hollande'......see link....


'What thinkest thou ? mes amis'....

Nothing new at all - they'll do exactly the same as they did for the CPE ! There will never be any real reform in France, just tinkering and keeping the status quo :-(

Rock and a hard place for Hollande. Not that I have a great deal of sympathy for him.

It seems to me (having been hardened by the Thatcher era) that France HAS to change (with regard to employment legislation) yet a sizeable and vocal portion of the French public are clinging to what seems to me to be an archaic view of 'us v them' 'workers v bosses' working relationships. I think the French left has to accept that that particular era has gone; the work place has changed and is changing still - unions need to be more constructive and not knee-jerk oppose simply because it's change.

Whether it's a credit to a government or not, I don't know, but I am surprised that the French government is as senstive as it seems to be to these protests. The lady wasn't for turning (except over the poll tax of course)

Oh, and btw I'm not a Thatcherite. I guess I was just dragged to the right by her!