What would you do with 200 quid

I have been left 200 Quid in the will of an old colleague and friend. The stipulation is spend in on what you WANT not what you NEED.

What would you spend it on?

OK I spent it and a little more this weekend.

I bought a Canadian canoe, reasons, I like endurance sport, my knees can no longer cope with running or cycling and I was missing the physical and mental challenge of sport. Last canoed 30 something years ago and then it was a kayak.

Have just taken it out on the Nantes Brest canal for a couple of hours, for the first time today and its fun. Strange just paddling on one side and took a short time to get it moving in a straight line but have an idea now.

Its a Madriver explorer 14 foot canoe. Built for 2 but all the blurb says as a one person touring canoe its fine, but not really for beginners, still I wont be a beginner one day lol.

Planning to canoe the Loire (down hill direction) in spring next year so lots of practice time and time to sort out how to load it with supplies, tent and general kit.

If anyone has grounds that edge the Loire and wouldn't mind a tent in the garden for one night please let me know or if anyone else fancies the challenge you are more than welcome to tag along.

It took a bit of decision making but loved most of the ideas so thanks for them,it gave me food for thought and the watch and paintings were high on the list but I am not a possessions sort of person so felt that whilst it would be a nice reminder I wouldn't 'get the use' out of such things.

I would use it to do a bapteme of either a sport, or activity I've not tried. parapente, rally, scuba.. (i've done those, they're just suggestions)

There must be something you "always wanted to do" that costs around 200 quid??

have you spent it yet?

If so..what did you buy?

Some really lovely food for a buffet and some drinks and invite your neighbours, (even the ones you don’t normally talk to) for an appero?

Yes John, but whether it is very good for you or just OK depends on the additives. I have dedicated years of research to find exactly what makes it “tick”, just so that I can justify eating it lol

Susan ALL chocolate is proper chocolate, mars bars snickers lion bars creme eggs frys choci creme and even that cheap stuff at a euro diddly for 5 bars in the supermarkets :slight_smile:

CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOU!!! Proper chocolate, that is.

first edition book or painting perhaps?

Hi Susan - I’m doing a bit of work in Oloron in October - maybe we can go together?

I wonder if you sweetie fans know that if ever you come to Oloron Ste Marie, there is THE most marvellous factory and attached factory shop? Yes, my friends - it is the Lindt & Sprungli factory, a chocoholic’s paradise. I always leave with extreme feelings of guilt, but promise myself that - No! These delights are gifts for friends, not for personal gobbling. Like hell, they are lol The friends never get a look in. Think how far the £200 would go here! You might even be able to buy enough so you can give someone a box of Pyrenean chocs; a small one :slight_smile:

Some great suggestions there folks thanks. Its always hard to think of something to buy when you don’t want anything, but I do like the watch idea I like watches, but think my last one broke 35 years ago so that’s a possibility.
James I hope you do a lot of exercise your sweet tooth seems worse than mine :slight_smile:

What would I do with £200? Erm, I need a new camera so I guess I’d use it for that, plus a meal out with hubby :slight_smile:

I would buy a nice watch or a print/canvas for your home. Something to remind you of the person who enabled you to buy it.
With money from by nans will I got a DSLR camera which I wouldn’t normally have splashed out on to record images of her/my family to look at in years to come.

You could blow it on a romantic night for two in a Châteaux, but you might have to add to the 200 quid for that. So maybe a nice meal with that extra bottle of fine wine that wanted, but would never have paid the price for.

However, If I were you. I would take the advice from the previous poster and buy something that will be there always to remind you of someone that must have been a very special friend.

Maybe if you’re an avid reader you could treat yourself to an Amazon Kindle 3, that way you’ll have a physical something to remind you & a great bit of useful tech.

Enjoy whatever you decide to spend it on.