What would you like to see on SFN

(James Higginson) #1

Post your suggestions and complaints here, we want to improve the network and make it a useful resource for all it’s members, so if you have any suggestion of applications or features you would like to see implemented, please let us know. Equally if you find something that doesn’t work or could be improved just shout!



(James Higginson) #2

If you select ‘add a discussion’ thereby starting a new one you get to select ‘construction and renovation’ from the drop down category, Let me know if you have trouble.

(Karen Ellis) #3

I cant find construction and renovation! Thats why i keep posting on this one : )

(James Higginson) #4

Hi Karen

Does sound a little high, I have paid up to 700 in the past for a ‘branchement provisoire’ though. I’ve never heard of EDF giving money back. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of their invoice though, but if I were you I wouldn’t expend much energy on this one, you are unlikely to get anywhere :frowning:

btw I have created a category called construction and renovation, can you put any future posts on these kinds of subjects in there?

Kind regards


(Karen Ellis) #5

Hi James,
Ive got an electrician to look at my ‘branchement provisioire’ hopefully he can turn it into a useful supply for the barns renovation, at the moment it only serves the small caravan - via my neighbours extension lead! I received the bill from EDF today for my connection. They charged me 177 euros for plugging my extension cable into the bottom of my box, I think that is a little high. I will problably ask them for a break down of the charge. Do you have any experience of EDF charges? Does it sound high to you?

(James Higginson) #6

Hi Karen

That’s par for the course I’m afraid! So now you have a temporary supply or ‘branchement provisoire’ you need to crack on with the renovation, the temporary supply won’t be acceptable to EDF nor your neighbours probably, for an extended period of time. Did EDF ask you when you require a permanent supply? Six months is a usual time frame for a temporary supply, but I have one on a project currently and it’s been there for two years, this will depend on your local EDF pen pusher. The electrical installation in your renovation will need to comply with building regulations, when you think it does you can ask for it to be inspected by consuel who will or will not issue a certificate which will be required by EDF to have your permanent supply installed. You can then have your meter sited more conveniently, perhaps on your property even! If you want to bury the cable from the pylon to your new meter, you can dig a trench (providing the pylon is on your land). If it’s not EDF will have to dig the trench (or sub contract the digging of the trench) at your expense. Hope that helps!

(Karen Ellis) #7

Just back from a weekend in the Aveyron in the snow. It was so beautiful there. Anyway main reason for going was for EDF to make my temporary connection. The nearest place they could connect me was into the box set inside my neighbours house wall (see picture). Tracing along their wall they came to an unused door which seemed perfect place to hang my meter. “Do they live here?” I was asked, “or ever use this door?”. I told them they lived away and were renovating the property. So onto the door went my meter (see picture). Staring to hope that my neighbour would be ok with this they proceeded to take my extension cable, which comes from my caravan, connect it to my other neighbours ( should explain at this point that those neighbours are on their honeymoon and are blissfully unaware of all this and how their extension cable is integral to the whole thing) he connects the two and asks for a plastic bag, I duly run off and fetch a intermarche special, and he wraps it over the point where the two extension cables meet and tapes the whole lot to a convenient pipe by the road. Job done or Ca marche as they say (see picture). So now I have electricity to my caravan albeit running via two extension cables down the road, across my neighbours drive into a box attached to her back door. Im not sure how this will help me when I do finally need some electricity in the barn I am renovating…maybe someone out there has a suggestion about that!

(James Higginson) #8

Hello Karina

I’m still looking into other options for improving the chat feature, when I’ve found the best solution I’ll produce an instruction manual for it. In the meantime though, the best improvement you can make to chat is to turn on the audible notification. To do that go to ‘CHAT’ top right of page then on the chat window you should see three icons, the middle one is a volume slider, when people chat to you you will receive an audible notification. Please let me know how you get on with that, thanks for your feedback.


(Karina Driscoll) #9

I am finding the site a little confusing, could be me, lol !!!, I think Events should come a Forum heading ?, also how do you chat ?, when the only way to find it, is to scroll to the bottom of main page and then wait ?, and not use the rest of the site, as how will you know if anyone is " Chatting " I know you are both busy. Keep up the good work, we love the site…

Karina x

(Karen Ellis) #10

thanks for that, any help appreciated : )

(Catharine Higginson) #11

Hi Karen
will get back to you tomorrow - if you pm me your phone no , will give you a call x

(Karen Ellis) #12

yes thats me! Part of the problem is that I dont understand the question : ) Ill start with the EDF dilema. I have a connection point to the electricity network directly in the road outside my house. But EDF wont connect to that because they are only putting in a temporary meter. The place they want to connect to is a box (actually attached to my neighbours house) about 40 metres away. They suggested I run a cable from this over my neighbours house, across their drive, across another small barn into my property. THis sounded expensive and unreliable to me, not to mention what my neighbours might think on their return! I have asked for a new meter to be connected to the network (which is in the road)and from there connect my temporary meter, but they cannot do this. EDF is coming Monday , how can I persuade them to place my box nearer my house? Any suggestions welcome. Anyone else had a similar experience ? Most grateful for your support
Karen x

(Catharine Higginson) #13

Hi Karen
Are you the lady I met at the show (with your daughter?)
Why don’t you post with exactly what you need to know / do and we’ll see what we can do to help?
All the best!
C & J x

(Karen Ellis) #14

I don’t know where to start! The barn is attached to my house, in the Aveyron, near Conques. I have decided to make the barn habitable, as it has a sound roof so I have somewhere larger than my current residence (a small, but bijoux caravan) whilst I tackle the house and generally get some sort of a life ! The barn needs electricity connected, I hope EDF will help with this one on the 1st February when they are scheduled to visit me, the water connected from the meter in the garden and a connection to the mains drain in the road outside (only 10 metres) connected to the house. I have promised the day I get a flushing loo installed we will have a party to celebrate and I will invite the Mayor!

(James Higginson) #15

I think that sounds like a superb suggestion, I’ll get to it!


(Karina Driscoll) #16

Well, I started the " Regional recipes " post, but I feel lots of people here are interested in food and cooking, why not start a recipe/ food section ?. We have all traveled and have a lot to share …

(James Higginson) #17

Great idea Karen, I’ve added a category to the forum called Construction and Renovation. Let’s have some more details about the barn…

Kind regards


(Karen Ellis) #18

I would value members experience and knowledge about house renovation. I am single handedly starting to renovate my house in the Aveyron. I confess this is complete madness as I know little about building work, but Im willing to find out. My budget is very small so I will have to choose when to use an artisan carefully. My current dilema is how to connect my barn to the mains drainage in the road!
So mayby a category for renovation advice
would be nice. Even if its only me asking some stupid questions!

(James Higginson) #19

Thanks for that Roger, I’ve changed the blog comment order to oldest first.


(Roger Thomas) #20

In your blogosphere you list comments ‘Latest first’ which is confusing, could you list them ‘oldest first’ so that those of us bought up reading from top to bottom of a page can make sense of the comments?