Whatever about Bristol, these guys will give Patel a run for her money

I think this is very worrying. I’m not sure anybody in Westminster, from Johnson down, realises just how volatile NI is.

What will an authoritarian Home Secretary make of this? Brandon Lewis certainly wouldn’t fill one with confidence and “tough guy” Frost is the one meant to defuse the Irish Protocol stand off with the EU, who are taking the UK to court.

This all needs to be calmed down but the DUP probably doesn’t see it that way.

As you know, its always been "complicated " in NI and brexshit border issues means there is not a solution that everyone can be happy with.

An "acquaintance " here used to be in the RUC/PSNI and he always said that the situation there was on a knife edge

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I wouldn’t assume the Tories see it that way either John. The view of pretty much every expert in race relations is that the recent report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities was intended to sow division. Having seen what the ‘culture war’ around brexit did for their electoral fortunes, it looks very much like this government is taking the Trumpian path of deliberately fermenting division and unrest.

and now a book by Doris’ no 2 Alan Duncan when he was Foreign Secretary with some revealing facts…

It’s hard to keep up with all these exposés.

I’ve preordered the audiobook (good value at £6.15) it’s due for release on April 15th. I’ll listen to it when I’m digging the bunker.

That’s really fecking depressing. Time to start digging the bunker.

Appalling little shit that man (williamson).


No more than Rishi Sunak who has got his constituency town of Richmond in North Yorkshire onto the list for improvement money for impoverished? towsns.

Yes, but IMO no more so than Raab, Patel, Gove, Kwarteng, Truss, Coffey, Eustice, Jenrick, Shapps or Lewis. If one’s express intention was to assemble a bunch shits, outside of recruiting in a maximum security prison, you couldn’t do any better.